Video: NY Highschool Suspends Basketball Players Over Racial Chant

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

There are two truths to mention. Our people need a raised consciousness. Thus the ABS offers “Maroon and Build For Self.” But also our people need a space to cultivate ourselves. Thus you should write the ABS to learn how to build African Blood Siblings Community Centers. Read the following article and see the need.

Video: NY Highschool Suspends Basketball Players Over Racial Chant
By Onitaset Kumat

Re-read and study the essay “Africans Should Love Everyone” to fully understand the following:

African people need to be inspired by “Love,” rather than “Fun.”  In the following video, we observe that the Kenmore East Varsity Girls Basketball team has one Original (African) player, fifteen-year-old Tyra Batts, while the rest are Occidentals (White.)  Prior to their games, for years now, the players would chant “1-2-3 [N-word]!” revealing that their inspiration in each game was “Hate.”

The analysis was already laid out in the above mentioned essay.  Tyra Batts wishes to return into this den of wolves, possibly because those whom hate us, the parents of these Occidentals, reward Originals when we entertain them (ex. Basketball scholarships).  However, we must analyze Tyra Batts and her communities encouragement of her.  It’s not “be loving” but “have fun!”  Tyra Batts will willingly face hatred for the sake of ‘fun.’  What sort of community are we raising when this sort of philosophy makes national headlines?

Also, note, the racist students are hardly punished.  A Black nine-year-old who compliments his teacher’s looks is suspended for two days and a Black ten-year-old who tries to recover her candy from a teacher gets a felony charge, but these White girls who in conspiracy have for years expressed hatred to African people are suspended from school for two days and miss one basketball game.  But ‘we go along with it.’


As seen on this interesting website:

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One thought on “Video: NY Highschool Suspends Basketball Players Over Racial Chant

  1. In October 2004, ahead of a clash, the Spanish coach was caught speaking Arsenal’s Jose Reyes about his club team-mate Thierry Henry, “give it to the black…show that black piece of shit that you are better than he is.” Later, Henry explained, “to be honest the first time I heard it I thought it was a joke. one of my team mates came up in my room and said did you see what Luis Aragones said about you… and I said like “come on… how could they have that on TV.” In his defence, Aragones (who took over in July 2004) explained, “i cannot understand when I have gypsy friends, black, yellow friends, this is not me. its nothing to do with me.. what happens is that it is done to bother the football player. Its also done with fatness. They call them fat. Its the same.” Even if, Henry explained that this was tolerated in European football, saying “when people were complaining about it sometimes, the authorities, and even the referees on the pitch were just saying to you or whoever was getting abused, ‘get on with it’ … so many people close their eyes… if your in the stand and you hear one person doing that to make them realise that is not something to do to talk about it. even if its one person in the stadium its one too many.”

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