After Friday’s Massacre in Haiti, should Africans trust the UN?

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Routine and prejudice distort vision. Each man thinks his own horizon is the limit of the world.”KMT Proverb

There was a massacre of African people by the UN in Haiti on Friday. As long as you don’t have an African Blood Siblings Community Center, don’t have a means of communicating with other African people, don’t have an international language, don’t have an indigenous conception of yourself, and don’t have a connection with your people abroad, a massacre will happen on Friday, and you’d be lucky to hear of it five years after the fact.

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After Friday’s Massacre in Haiti, should Africans trust the UN?
By Onitaset Kumat

On Friday, at approximately 3 A.M., around a-third-of-a-thousand Brazilian led United Nations troops in armored vehicles laid siege on the impoverished community of Cite Soleil.

Bullets rained through the night from helicopters and rifles. Piercing every tower with heavy shells that woke up most residents and put to permanent sleep over thirty.

There in Haiti lay a pregnant woman on the floor, perhaps if life were kinder, a reputed practitioner of medicine, resigned and saddened to an inner silence; her unborn child carved out of her womb, having lost her chance to live.

Elsewhere was a school teacher, in his home, probably planning his lessons for tomorrow, pierced through his stomach by a Helicopter’s bullet. Death treading slowly for him around this massacre in Haiti.

This occurrence is linked to Europeans. At one point, the Napoleon respected in European societies, stated his reasoning for attacking Haiti: forever should Africans be held back. Never again do Europeans want a hero in Haiti.

For this jealousy of African people, a man, your age, has a hole between his chests. He lays on his back with his eyes shut tight.

Separately, a boy, much younger than you, lays on his side. He too suffered a wound and he too will not live to see Saturday.

By the time that the tanks leave, a man holds his chin. His blood soaks the cloth underneath. A bullet mutilated his face, so now he’s forever restrained from smiling.

Other young men, so traumatized by the massacre, crossing themselves before crossing streets. Later raising their arms behind their heads–submitting to the assassins at large.  All the while, holding prayers ready for death to clamor through a barrel.

It’s a horrible, horrible incident. To see the young girl watch her dying loved one. Her face showing a confusion: Grief and Anger and Powerlessness.

This was not last Friday, this was in 2006. You are lucky to hear about it. The UN troops, largely from Latin American countries, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia, showed the hatred for African people from both Europeans and Latin people.

This massacre, was as Napoleon had detailed the European mindset, a response to the Haitian demonstrations toward the African leadership of Aristide. It’s a repeat from 2005’s demonstration and massacre (where 22,000 bullets were expended), and a repeat from 2007’s demonstration and massacre.

Within 2 years after the US’ ousting of Aristide, the UN killed 8,000 Africans in Haiti and sexually assaulted 35,000.

Our African Blood Siblings in Haiti need our help.

We need to turn toward ourselves and organize. We need to develop Community Centers and Community Agendas. Africans around the world need to cooperate and coordinate.

A pregnant woman should not lose her child at six months to gun shots. A foreign people should not appear in African communities and wholesale murder under the banner of international will.

We are the only people who suffer foreign policing–from America to Africa. It’s time that we reclaim our ancient ethical traditions, organize our own legal system, and separate completely from the ongoing atrocities against us, where even our young are afraid to cross their local streets.

Please follow the African Blood Siblings. Send a contribution. And devote, at least one day a week, to writing here and organizing in your Community for our liberation.

Your Loving Brother,
Onitaset Kumat

P.S. Here is video from the above massacre:

P.P.S. This article suffices to detail the atrocity:

P.P.P.S. Post-Earthquake the UN has introduced Cholera into Haiti.  Over 7,000 have died since 2010 and over half-a-million were infected.  More information on Haiti can be seen here:

8 thoughts on “After Friday’s Massacre in Haiti, should Africans trust the UN?

  1. God! When does it ever end, Onitaset? Our people have been going through genocide since biblical day…it’s so sad to hear about. This evil surely does stem from something..but what exactly?
    I’ve heard envy, which leads to hate, which propels violence, is the main culprit. I’ve had too many instances that have proven that hypothesis correct…

    When Haiti was hit with that earthquake, I felt their pain…I too have island roots.
    This is terrible news, indeed.

  2. The ongoing genocide of our people end when African countries build strong armies and start KILLING the aggressors of Black people the world over. I bet you it WILL END when that happens!

    1. Sibling Aneesa,

      Genocide will end when our people around the world take up the leadership propagated by the African Blood Siblings (ABS.)

      ABS is internationally communicating how we can overcome this enemy. We need to organize into Units of Organization:

      But it’s up to the readers to become the leaders. We can not keep thinking so ‘large.’ We won’t build strong armies without some sort of major industry turned into that direction.

      So we’ll put that idea on the backburner and try to organize our Communities into internationally influential entities.

      This philosophy requires you, Aneesa, to read around the ABS and propagate the message with people whom you meet at your local thorough fare.

      Go out with a clipboard, Aneesa, find people your age, and ask them if they are content with the ongoing genocide of our people. If they say “No,” tell them that the ABS is organizing people to improve their local Communities to eventually effect a Continental Unification. Then collect their contact and keep in contact with them. With thirteen people, you, them and I will conspire together to improve your community, find a way for all of us to raise money for an ABS Center, then with a center we can propagate the message more and before we know it there’s no genocide of our people.

      But the main action for you to do now is to get out there and collect your team. We can not ‘well-wish’ or ‘count our chickens before they are hatched.’ We must put down the foundation for affecting change. And we must get active.

      It’s out inactivity that has kept us where we are. Where our people can be massacred and we sit back and ‘wait’ for some ‘army’ to come down. We must be the Generals before we depend upon the Soldiers.

      So Aneesa, get outside and talk to your people on the street. Tell them that the ABS and you must organize projects. And we’ll save our race.

      There’s no more time for talk. When it’s dark, read more of ABS, but when it’s bright, rally your team.

      Thank you for writing,
      Please write more often,

  3. The Security Council of the United Nations call the shots. The Security Council is headed by the United States. It’s five permanent members include: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. These are the super powers and they are about instilling their will on these Africans for monetary gain and sheer hatred of the enslaved Africans who defeated the colonizing nation of France. This nation has been made to suffer tremendously since that time, even being made to pay France restitution for taking away thier slaves. Like the African-Americans during the post slavery era, the Haitians are without sanctuary and is marked for genocide like the African Sudanese and Somalians. This is not to say that Africans and African descendants are not suffering some type of genocide. These examples appear to be imminent.

    I commend the brave people who are organizing and speaking out against the beast.

    1. Commend yourself too then Sister Dallas. You remain an admirable warrior in my eyes.

      We should set the record straight, though. Haiti beat France, England and Spain. It fought all of the Occidental’s super powers and won. And it’s General bested all of their Generals, including their greatest Napoleon.

      We must organize to save all of our people. This is the cause of the ABS and we have remained true through thick and thin. Now we rally the world to create politically, economically and culturally uplifting African Blood Siblings Community Centers (ABSCC), centers for Prosperous, Independent African Communities! I urge all around the world to join us in restoring our people to their global due!

    1. In general, neither Africans nor Europeans learn how to write–I am self-educated. A lot of African people have inferiority complexes–We don’t know the great minds of our race but believe Europeans have a swath. More, a lot of “Americans” are mis-educated to be small-minded rather than great-minded, as Eleanor Roosevelt famously depicts:

      Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.

      Self-doubt is typical among our people, as well as doubt of other Africans. Altogether, writing to the ABS is a great gesture, especially since I assign each reader or writer with restoring our race.

      I can see why our Siblings hesitate. But our confidence is uncreated. With more work on our parts, we can create that confidence and make from our hesitant the fearless. That’s the goal of organization: to give sunlight to the blameless seeds within us.

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