African Empowerment Program: Weekly Discussion Groups

Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Seek Africans and Develop Loving Africans.” — Onitaset Kumat

African Empowerment must come from Loving Africans, a type which must be developed by Africans themselves. If you are an African without an Organization, or if you are an African Blood Siblings Member, your task hereafter is the Development of Loving Africans toward African Nationalism. For this, you are invited to attend a Weekly Discussion group in one of your local public spaces. The host is you. Choose a day and time (the place can be changed regularly,) then seek Africans whom you can convince of the need to stop the Genocide against us through Power and Self-Determination. These Africans are invited to invite further participants. The Discussion should begin with an African Libation and end with the African Affirmation, but most importantly, through the Discussion Guide, it will Develop Africans into Loving Africans, informed on the Knowledge, Wisdom and Love of our Ancestors, who ready to Wage War are ready to end the active, long-standing Genocide against our Race.  As John Edward Bruce wrote, “We must organize to secure uniformity of utterance and action among the darker races and to meet organized wrong with intelligently organized resistance.”

More information on the Discussion to come. Email for more personalized information. At the start of each meeting, hand out a copy of the Discussion Guide to each participant and retrieve them lest a participant wishes to purchase one. Keep fifteen on hand to account for uninvited Africans. Proceed from the topic of the last meeting until all eight topics are exhausted then restart. These Discussions are taking place in several states of America, in Europe and in Africa, and with you more will be and our means of self-protection can increase more rapidly. Save yourself.



African Empowerment Program: Weekly Discussion Groups
By The African Blood Siblings

Nat Turner’s Insurrection

On May 12th, 1828, a Spirit told Nat Turner, an African Liberator in Virginia, U.S., to prepare for War, yet keep his lips sealed until the signal in the sky. In February 1831 the sign came: an eclipse and a message, “Arise and slay the enemies of God with their own weapons.” Nat Turner broke his seal. In light of meritorious manumission, a law whereby Africans were promised manumission (freedom) if they benefited Europeans, he divulged his plan to trustworthy Africans who recommended others. By August 31st, 1831, seven–Henry, Hercules, Nelson, Sam, Will, Jack and Nat– were ready for War. Nat Turner’s Insurrection of seven people was Powerful enough to have nearly ended Slavery in Virginia, the largest Enslaver in the U.S.  Our Ancestors applied “The Science of Struggle:” Listening then Creating.

Nature creates few men brave, industry and training makes many.

No two Races have cohabited as equals. Whether Africans and Europeans, Europeans and Asians, or Asians and Africans, in each Integration one was Subordinate and one was Superordinate. In examples of African Superordination, i.e. Ancient KMT (Egypt) to Ancient Greece, Ancient Shang to Ancient China or the Ancient Mande to Ancient Mexico, the result has been War. When our Power is inferior, either the Subordination of Africans or the Genocide of Africans had visited us. War is a necessity between cohabiting Races. One should not even conceive Race without conceiving War. For this, the African must Empower herself and join Units of Racial Organization, Units of an African Army, Units of War. These outfits must discipline Africans for Combat–Organized Resistance, without which Genocide is as certain as Egypt, China and Mexico are non-African.

Discipline in war counts more than fury.

Fury, Anger, Sadness count little in War. African, not a soul cares that you are upset if you are unprepared to protect yourself. If you ever wonder why European Police Officers can subordinate a whole city of Africans or why European people can subordinate a whole world of Africans and Asians, it’s because our Discipline for War is lacking; particularly as we are endowed with the natural Physical, Mental and Spiritual advantage over Europeans and Asians. You do not understand Warfare if you doubt our ability to be Victorious. You do nothing against our Genocide–absolutely nothing–if you are not a part of an African Army, a Racial Organization, an Organized Resistance.

There are several kinds of Negroes in this country whose idiosyncrasies retard the progress of the race.

John Edward Bruce described four types of Africans: the jealous, the ignorant, the very smart and the loyal. Each can be addressed in their own way. Yet certainly the Loyal African is the only type which needs to be in African Armies and Racial Organizations like the African Blood Siblings. This Loyal African however needs discipline and membership. And without this Discipline or Membership (Love), the Loyal African is no more useful to Africa and African people than the “Dis-Loyal.”

The seed includes all the possibilities of the tree.
The seed will develop these possibilities, however, only if it receives corresponding energies from the sky.

Yet every single African can be developed into a Loyal African, just like every single person can be developed into a soldier. It’s upon you to develop yourself into a Loyal African first, the African Blood Siblings Literature is a Key, then oversee the development of yourself and other Africans into Loving Africans, through dialogue and an encouragement of our Literature. An African includes the possibilities of the Warrior. Today, if you have not, join the African Blood Siblings and form a Local Army for your empowerment.

There grows no wheat where there is no grain.

Neither Power nor Restoration will come without Africans seeking and developing Power and Restoration. As Mis-Education precludes thought along these lines, Readers must become Leaders and make Power and Restoration the goal of a Unit of Africans.

African Blood Siblings Weekly Discussion Groups

The African Blood Siblings invites Readers and Members to be Leaders and Liberators, providing for each a template for Weekly Discussion groups on Politics, Economics, Culture, Ethics, Sociology, Ecology, Psychology and Ideology with African Quotes, Proverbs, Tenets and Rules of Warfare. Set a day and time and gather Africans for the task. As your group grows, just as Nat Turner listened for the Loyal and selected them for a Project, so too will you be able to develop then select Loving Africans for the goal of Prosperous, Independent African Communities. You will make a Project and you will start an African Blood Siblings Community Center and you will Re-Organize Africans toward our Self-Determination and Organized Protection.

Print 15 copies of this Discussion Guide. Always have 15 on hand. Gather as many Africans as you can for the African Blood Siblings Weekly Discussion Groups. It is through this that you will Save Yourself.

10 thoughts on “African Empowerment Program: Weekly Discussion Groups

  1. This is excellent information and advice for those of us who are already members of an Organisation, but it’s especially helpful for those of us who are thinking about starting up an Organisation in their area. Weekly meetings are essential to strengthening the cause.

    1. Queen,

      “By knowing one reaches belief. By doing one gains conviction. When you know, dare.”

      Organized Wrong must be met with Organized Resistance lest we are wrongly Organized. Meetings are important; there one can witness the committed and create that cadre which can create a Community. Too often we Know to Resist but don’t Dare to Resist. If no one else the African Blood Siblings will intelligently struggle for African Liberation. The Science is here!


    1. King,

      I remember that you appreciated the proverb, “One foot isn’t enough to walk with.” It would not make sense for us to think of the advanced before the basic. As the other proverb goes, “There grows no wheat where there is no grain.” But certainly now that it is out there, we are closer to our Liberation as Self-Empowerment is now more accessible around the world than before!

  2. Brother Oni,

    I’m not yet finished reading the beautiful compilation of philosophical/logical truisms you have compiled for us. I just had to pause in my reading to say Thank You, for making this treasure available, and for doing all that you do!

    Quick questions:
    Do you play chess?
    Do you see any value/benefit for our youth to engage in this sort of social, competitive, entertaining endeavor?

    1. Wise King,

      “The not so simple Truth is that we must be psychologically free in order to resist and we must resist in order to be free, and all of this requires an understanding of what bondage has been, of what it continues to be and of its ramifications for the future.” — Mari Evans

      I act in the service of our Ancestors and I am at your service. Regarding Chess, every act of Liberation must have a Political, Economical and Cultural aspect.

      Chess is useful inasmuch as it can be demonstrated and regaled as an African pastime (Cultural Aspect.) And it is even more prominent if it reinforces a separate identity and an appreciation of African beauty. If I were to approve of a board game, it would need to be uniquely and unquestionably from our cultural experience that practitioners seek out their nationals for competition. Insomuch as Chess is a highlight of European tradition, and its “Grandmasters” are widely of European descent, the pursuit of the game goes against African Culture, integrating our identity into a position of subordination and giving to us an appreciation of so-called European intellect (a form of beauty.)

      In my short term as a Graduate Student, an East Asian invited me to play “Go!” He vaunted its complexities and heritage. It contributed to his cultural liberation. Tournaments in East Asia do too.

      For us, as the Originals, it’s worth looking into Senet. A board game in Ancient KMT (Egypt) from predynastic times. Supposedly the rules are unknown today, though many Museums have the board on display. Separately, there is a type of game called “Mancala.” Looking into these can show a board game which contributes to our African identity and self-appreciation.

      I do not play chess. My main communication is Cultural Activity needs to contribute to our Identity and “Beauty.” Western games don’t. For this reason, their wrestling in this way pales to our Wrestling:

      Or, their Olympics or basketball pale to our athletics:

      Or, twerking as done in America pales to women’s initiations:

      Most of all, we want to never identify with our enemies or separately from our Nation (Continent.)

      Thank you for the question,

      1. Very much in light this shines ahead and behind keep propogating light I’m currently working on things with the senate congress African leagues internationally there’s been some improvment sincerely Eddie donahoo brother ka

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