Monthly African Progress Report — October 2012

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“We had no power and little food–then Hurricane Sandy hit.” — African People

To those affected by the Hurricane, we sympathize. Our normal operations were destroyed, and our lives were threatened, but after every test there are lessons. Whatever you personally learned, Ase, but learn one additional thing: braved was cold and danger to continue providing for our people this service and organization. It may not now seem important that an organization would continue its newsletter despite the costs and damages suffered. However, that defines Organization.

The following post represents a new tradition. ABS posts have regularly come every third day in a month (3rd, 6th, 9th . . .). Coming upon a 31-day month, it’s been decided to post a Progress Report every 1st day of the month. These reports will be “Current Events” rather than the usual “Current Ideas.”  This being the first “Progress” report, not much can be “Progressed from.” So, this Progress report will cover the International, National and Local Landscape for African people in the Six categories of Civilities: Self-Determination, Society, Production, Value, Identity and Sex. These six categories come from the Civil Capitals–a fundamental aspect of Ethical Philosophy.

As you read where we are and what we strive to progress in, take it upon yourself to aid our progress. Join the African Blood Siblings.  With your help, we can set up African Blood Siblings Community Centers which progress our race in Political, Economical and Cultural matters. These are important when Nature tests us.  What’s more we can change Local, National then International landscapes. Believe that and write. Subscribe, share, love.

Monthly African Progress Report — October 2012
By Onitaset Kumat

Political Progress Report

  1. Racial Progress in Self-Determination
    • Internationally, the world is run by Europeans and Asians; in which the former group dominates, waging aggressively against the latter for sole dominion. The only worthy contestant of Asia’s is China, a large chunk of the world population, which owns much of America’s debt and is taking much of Africa’s land. It also is the only Asian face in the Permanent UN Security Council; African people, while significant in population, are insigifnicant in power and remain off of that consideration.
    • Nationally, a handful of small free states, like Barbados are free to African self-government. But for the most part, African people, in all of the continents, are dependent on others for Government.
    • Locally, a handful of small Maroon towns, like the worthwhile Suriname, are free to African self-government. Beyond this, the African Blood Siblings is working to create African Blood Siblings Community Centers to this purpose; but the prospect doesn’t appear interesting to the casual reader.
  2. Racial Progress in Society
    • Internationally, short of entertainers, the African has no international societies; not with himself and not with others. Few seriously regard themselves as an international African people; thusly associating.
    • Nationally, not enough research has been conducted. In America, Black Solidarity Day comes November 4th. It doesn’t seem so popular or anticipated.
    • Locally, African Blood Siblings Membership grows very slowly. Subscriber growth is slow too (at 134 as I type this–10 from Tumblr). Readers and Subscribers are not too participatory–only around 7 of the 134 Subscribers wrote on the Newsletter this month. The 200+ Brooklynites that I spent months personally gathering have been removed from my forwarding list. After two asked to be off the subscriber list, I discontinued forwarding them. “Easy come, easy go.”

Economical Progress Report

  1. Racial Progress in Production
    • Internationally, there’s no respectable “Made in Africa” sticker. In terms of Food, Clothing and Shelter, beside from Independent Governments, African people are largely dependent on Europeans and Asians.
    • Nationally, Angola is reported to be one of the fastest growing economies and Nigeria is always respectable, but in terms of Production, our people have a long way to go. In America 0.5% of it’s wealth is owned by Black people; the same ratio from 1860.  Largely we’re reselling the production of other races.
    • Locally, the African Blood Siblings continues to sell “Maroon and Build For Self.” The ABS requires more membership to make Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness a reality.  Donations also need to heighten.
  2. Racial Progress in Value
    • Internationally, we’re still entertainers. We’re first-rate Athletes, Musicians and Dancers; but Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness escapes us. This despite the multitude of Farmers amidst us, our creation of Clothing, our elaborate Ancient Architecture and our mighty Wisdom tradition.
    • Nationally, Nigeria has the second largest Film Industry.  This can well be used as a springboard for Pro-African Consciousness.
    • Locally, the African Blood Siblings is trying to make “Loving, Knowledgeable and Wise Africans.” The ABS Newsletter is working overtime.

Cultural Progress Report

  1. Racial Progress in Identity
    • Internationally, our Identity is very dependent on Europeans and Asians. In Africa, around 50% are Muslims and around 50% are Christians, leaving a small percentage for our traditional spiritualities. Many of us are Religion First and Race Last. Sudan broke into two pieces; central to the conflict was religious conflict.
    • Nationally, “Nation,” “Religion,” or “Tribe” is put ahead of race in many parts of the world. Even Africans in America, put forth “America” in their identity.
    • Locally, outside of the African Blood Siblings, there doesn’t appear to be a sincere effort for true “African Identity.” On the newsletter, Dr. Umar Johnson and Dr. Amos Wilson are very popular postings.
  2. Racial Progress in Sex

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