Dr. Umar A. Johnson speaks on the History Of Homosexuality

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

In today’s article we discuss “Homosexuality” from the psychological perspective given by Dr. Umar A. Johnson.  We discuss this in order to understand the differing psychology of Occidentals (Europeans) and Originals (Africans).  Please enjoy, then promote our Organization, the African Blood Siblings.  We build African Blood Siblings Community Centers at home and abroad to make loving, knowledgeable and wise Africans at home and abroad.  Write to help and distribute our flyer.

Dr. Umar A. Johnson speaks on the History of Homosexuality
By Onitaset Kumat

Dr. Umar A. Johnson (in “History of Homosexuality”) here speaks about homosexuality and its history. He starts on how homosexuality has, until 1973, been considered a mental disorder. This claim, he continues, was lifted due to needs of population control for African people. He later speaks on the fact that many of our male African ancestors were raped and today many male African leaders are forced into homosexuality for the maintenance of the status quo. In short order, he references Greco-Roman homosexuality and pedophilia as well as early Christian misogyny–what I call Occidentalism. Then he expounds upon female homosexuality: linking a hatred of men for past molestations and abuses with lesbianism. Finally, he ends with this powerful phrase: “Is it advantageous for our Black women, for so many Black men to be gay? PERIOD! . . . How in the hell do you prepare for a war with White supremacy when most of your men want to have sex with the White man that he’s supposed to be fighting?”

As far as Originalism is concerned, I must confess being inspired by a religious person who asked why are women and men as they are if they were not meant for one another. I continue then to suggest complementarity and how neither sex can complement itself. Truly, the man’s genitals and the female’s genitals match. Hence our spiritual sciences are necessarily for heterosexuality.

It does bring the question of ‘intersexes’ to the forefront; but not exactly. In Originalism, Amon, the Creator, is intersex. This is the basis of circumcisions. But that’s another topic.  Hotep!

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71 thoughts on “Dr. Umar A. Johnson speaks on the History Of Homosexuality

  1. thank you for this. I have something to consider: since many “homosexuals” deem themselves to be normal, and have endless justifications for this sentiment, mighe be argue that the real “sickness” is this psychopathic drive for dominating and violent individuals to justify all that they do, even if these traits are inverted, so as to becoming passivity and submissiveness?

      1. Umar is a very down to earth brother. He came out to Los Angeles last December for a lecture. I got the chance to chat with him in the lobby. I can tell he has a true love for his people. He seems much more sincere than most of these so-called black leaders. You’re 100% correct about homosexuality being normal for Europeans. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years. Now that want it to be the norm for the entire world.

      2. The only thing that is humiliating is helplessness. — KMT Proverb

        Brother Kushite Prince,

        It’s apt to write that the European wants his perspective and norm to be the world’s perspective and norm. But our problem is not enunciating on what we want. Most of us have forgotten. A Brother on the street, when I mentioned his purpose was to restore Africa,* spoke back “How do you know my purposes?” I answered because he is African and I am a student to our natures, but it’s beside the point. His question is legitimate: How do I know his purpose but he doesn’t?

        We are without institutions to inculcate in our people a memory. We are without institutions to replicate for our people our environment.** And we are without institutions to convene against those convened against us.

        I propose a re-institution of our temples.*** This I name “African Blood Siblings Community Centers.” There a “love” for our people can be common. There is the solution to our race.

        Thanks for sharing, we are making progress for our people,

        *See Originals: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/abs/lore/races/originals/

        ** Environment is explained here: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/what-is-history/

        *** The inside of an ancient temple: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/kmt-self-knowledge-and-cosmic-wisdom-quotations/

    1. A ebook manuscript that speaks in strong support of your position titled “Land of Diminished Distinctions” is something that your constituents and colleagues should read and understand how the same-sex culture & feminism is an attack on the Nuclear Family which attack helps to perpetuate social breakdown and emotional confusion.

      1. Gwiz. The nuclear family itself might have been put in place for breakdown at a later time. I am left thinking that all of these constructs have been planted here so that we latch on to them as passengers would deck chairs on a sinking ship

    2. For years it has been argued that two dudes holding hands and kissing on the backporch somehow destroys the Afrikan Family. When asked how, a reasonable explanation is never heard. For once, i wish someone can show me statistical data that indicates Afrikan peoples are experiencing genocidal birth rates (as many critical thinkers have implied) because more than a few brothers are sipping lemonade from the sme straw. Let me suggest is that what destroys the Afrikan family is two dudes running through a home’s gangway while shooting successfully to kill one another. Can you imagine the absolute grief of each their families, a grief they will probably never get through, a grief that could manifests into an unhealthy suspicion of any Black face daily encountered, even of one bearing gifts? I tell you what destroys the Afrikan family: a dude who sweeps a sister off her feet and impregnates her with no intention of helping her raise their offspring (“Damn girl, i ain’t got no time to be a babydaddy!”). Most of us can attest to the frequency of this reality, yes? Yet, not once has any article or speech definitively pointed out that such behavior “destroys the Afrikan family.” Two dudes snuggling on the back porch means they are comfortable with their sexualty, which means they will not PRETEND to prefer females, breaking their hearts just to avoid being called out as destroyers ofthe Afrikan family. My point is that everytime someone dehumanizes two dudes having a thing for each other, some brother who is struggling/or is kool with his sexuality is, to avoid being a target of suspicion or worse, going to charm an unsuspecting female (perhaps your daughter or sister) to be his girlfriend, with no intention or even capacity to emotionally/sexually love and appreciate her the way Afrikan Sisters should be loved and appreciated by Afrikan brothers who romance them. Brokenhearted and now with a fatherless child who is feeling rejeted, is her’s not an Afrikan family destroyed, not so much by the understandable fear of thebrother who wants to be unconditionally accepted by the community, but moreso by a COMMUNITY that spends too much time dehumanizing same-sex loving brothers without considering its negatiive impact on…SISTERS? Whether same-sex attreaction excisted in Afrika prior to Yurugu coming, i don’t know and dont care. What i do know is that some brothers are finding happiness in one another’s muscular embrace, and this allows for Sisters a resonable possiblity that the next dude who claims to want to be the apple of her eye, is not saying that just to keep his membership card in the proud fraternity of black manhood, as his attraction to dudes, if it ever gets out, threatens that membership. Lastly, what,s the difference between a gay brother and a str8 brother, neither of whom, when urged by Soldiers, wants to liberate their mind and participate in some form of Afrikan Liberation Struggle? There is no difference. They BOTH punks.

      1. Peace Queen-Mother,

        I recently came across a passage that expressed how as African people we only find ideas and notions related to ‘life’ as socially transferable. I.e. when we teach the community, we propagate our virtues.

        True, two men in a backporch themselves appear harmless; yet we must judge by cause not by effect. Two men in a backporch were themselves harmed individuals, and ‘harmed people harm people.’

        It’s worth noting that ‘same-sex’ is not sex and ‘homosexuality’ is not a sexuality. These are perversions, and like the Brother who won’t commit to his children or the Brother who shoots at another or even the Brother who rapes a sister, these perversions are all effects of another cause. And its against that cause we struggle.

        If we as soi-disant African Liberators embrace aspects of our destruction, then we are counter-revolutionaries.

        But Sis, I agree there are straight Punks.

      2. Again, nobody has yet explain how two dudes on the bck porch kissing destroys the Afran family and undermines liberation struggle. If you are thinking t is because two dudes can not procreate, then convince me with statistical and anecdotal proof that our collective numbers have been genocidally dwindling as a result of these two brothers inability to have offspring. Seems to me we as a people should be developing strategies to use this “deficit” to our advantage,which is what revolutionary struggle is one of the activities revolutionaries tackle in order to increase the numbers of our Soldiers. Whether one can admit this or not, there are many Afrikan Liberators like myself who prefer the sexual attention of another brother, but must conceal our desire ironically within a Struggle theoretically made stronger wwhen the participants engagewith one another sincerely, honestly, and without fear that another Soldier has an issue with me and my companion sipping green tea from the same cup. Perhaps this is one ofthe reasons why our Struggle is stuck in the mud, with nothng to show but theories about revolution rather than concrete actions that let Yurugu know that they will no longer be ble to comfortably sleep with both eyes shut. Imagine the many gay and lesbian folk who are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the Struggle but won’t participate because who, unlike our str8 Comrades, after a long day of strategizing a military offensive, want to kiss on the lips, in front of everyone, our companion. Heterosexual masculinity and feminmity are counter-revolutionary. A manhood and womnhood defined by a wilngness to participte in Liberation Struggle is not.

      3. Peace,

        Didn’t know you yourself were a dissexual. The inability to procreate, form complementary unions, balance out a family or act within one’s genetic and cultural roles are a few of many strikes against dissexuals. However, the idea that I should convince you through statistics or anecdotes is beneath me. Firstly, because ‘statistics’ are a fool’s game biased to the producers. I.e. you couldn’t even find statistics that pedophiles contribute to African genocide, let alone interracialists or other dissexuals. Secondly, as an African people Nature holds all the evidence. It’s always the case in nature that birds should be birds. Just understanding what we were should inform an African people what we should be. To prefer, as you say, ‘the sexual attention’ of another brother is to waste your brother and your potential. Finally, I’m in disbelief that there are a bevvy of revolutionary dissexuals. However if it were true that there were dissexuals ‘willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for the Struggle but [they] won’t participate because [they] want to kiss [in front of everyone]’ then clearly neither are these dissexuals willing to sacrifice [all caps] EVERYTHING but also it’s clear and evident that these dissexuals do not need to be in partnership with African revolution as not only can they already kiss in front of everyone but that desire trumps their desire for African liberation.

        I’ll pass on endorsing African Dissexuality.

      4. I have always accused Christians of quoting scripture or invoking the name of the Christian god as an act of lazymindedness whenever.I’d debate them about, for instance, what I think is our peoples hyper dependency on the white man,’s religion as a source of comfort and , worse, inspiration as a colonized people. There is an Afrikan proverb that goes God does not eat people, which I have interpreted to mean that the Creator Life Force is too comp,located, and complex to simplify in terms to support one’s argument or perspective. It seems to me that your inability to rationally defend your counterrevolutionary position regarding two brothers ho,ding hands on the back porch is revealed by your dependency on Nature to support that position, given that Nature, like the CLF, is much too complicated and complex to simp,ify.I take pride in embracing my God-given ability to think for myself, to trust the integrity of my own mind when pondering the condition of our people under white supremacy. Oh, my explanations may not sound Imhotepian. But that’s okay. At least I don’t resort to lazymindedness by seeking to simplify the complex because of a fear of being alienated and ostracized, of.being fearful, unlike Omowale, of “turning the corner” while everyone else around whom I find myself, stick to the same worn perspectives. Again, is there anyone who can rationally defendt their contention that two dudes necking on the back porch undermines Afrikan L liberation because it destroys the Black family?

      5. Peace,

        “What reveals itself to me ceases to be mysterious—for me alone: if I unveil it to anyone else, he hears mere words which betray the living sense: Profanation, but never revelation.”

        Heed that proverb. No one can reveal to you what you yourself block from your understanding. I.e. you are asking to understand something that you yourself are unwilling to understand.

        I can not explain to a virgin the feelings of ‘sex’ and I can not explain to a faggot that he’s basing his identity around the idea that he puts his dick where another man poops. But maybe you can fathom, and I don’t mean to be grotesque, that if I put my dick in a woman’s ear, I’m not engaging in sexual activity but some perverted and awkward waste of time and energy; and if I were to promote said behavior as a norm among my people, I’d rightly be considered a fool, a degenerate, a pervert and a pariah. Now of course, going around saying you are an ear-fucker or elbow-fucker is beyond stupid, but somehow fags come around saying their ‘assfuckers’ and conceive somehow that, that is grounds for everyone welcoming them with arms wide open. But news flash, an anus is a place of filth. You defecate from there. You clear your bowels through it. It’s where you excrete waste. An ear-fucker is an idiot. But an ear isn’t as filthy as an anus. If somehow fags are convinced that putting their dick in the filthiest part of another person’s body is permissible, then it’s not my place to rationalize with fags. Sorry. Rationalizing with the irrational is beyond my expertise.

      6. That you would call me a faggot only reveals the FALSE DIPLOMACY you’ve been using throughout your posted responses to those of us with whom you disagree. In addition to your tendency to think unoriginally, to resort to childish namecalling, it is safe to say you are also a great pretender. Inspite of our differences, for a moment I respected you… As such, I would be insulting myself if i were to continue this dialogue.

      7. Peace,

        I’m very grateful to your revelation. The moment you expressed your faggotry i.e. your playing with the poop of other men, was the moment I had lost my respect. It had been an insult to me to delve into this conversation, as you come to me as a representative of a community of degenerates and misguided hypocrites. You had already articulated the importance of kissing a man over sacrificing for a struggle; that said I had no business speaking with you and am very pleased that you will discontinue this waste of both of our time.

        You may go play with poop. Peace out.

  2. I agree 100%! We need our own schools to teach our children about our history. They can’t learn anything about themselves in the schools of your open enemy. That’s insane! The white man will never give you knowledge of self. Our children have to know they’re in a war for their survival. Too many of our people don’t have any purpose in life. We have to regain our consciousness and restore our communities. And repair the black family. We can’t do that being “schooled” by our enemies.

      1. I do know a few black folks in the LA area. I know some professional black people I used to work with. I know this one brother that’s a lawyer but he has a big ego. I had drinks with him and some co workers a few years ago. I tried to tell him about how we as black people need to stick together and uplift our community. He said he was an individual and didn’t see color.lol Can you believe that? He said black people need to stay crying about racism and move on. Then I found out from a sista I worked with that his wife was white. Big surprise,right? I get so sick of these clowns. And there’s a lot of them in the LA area. Everyone is just out for themselves. They have no sense of community. They act as if white supremacy is dead. What planet do they live on??
        Well it’s alive and well. I do think we need our own schools. But there’s also other things we can do to counter this racist system were in.
        Here’s a few ideas I came up with:
        We can STOP shopping at places that don’t hire us and tell them why we are not shopping there
        We can STOP shopping at businesses that disrespect us and don’t value our dollars. We have the POWER to run any business out of our neighborhoods without violence, without boycotting, and without raising our voices or lifting a single finger.

        JUST STOP SHOPPING THERE and they will Poof — Be gone!

        We can STOP paying Koreans to do our nails
        We can STOP paying Arabs to fry our fish and definitely NOT our hair (which we need to stop doing anyway due to the chemicals) and save our money to start our own businesses or use that money to support a black business.
        We can STOP shopping at businesses that are owned by non-blacks if there is a similar business that is black-owned AND If that black-owned business is not up to par We can tell them why (in a nice way) why we haven’t shopped there in the past AND tell them that we WANT to support more black business and suggest some changes. (you have to do this discretely out of earshot of other people AND be prepared for some blowback but if you do it nicely you might get the desired response and if not MOVE ON).
        We can STOP focusing on starting businesses our community doesn’t need (like more fashion and entertainment businesses) and open businesses that actually serves a real need
        We can come up with ideas to fund and create and encourage black entrepreneurship. Some of us have a lot of social contacts, or we belong to fraternities and sororities or have a large family/friend network AND some of these people are experienced in business, advertising, marketing making money for white people — and turn the dialogue from SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT to one of black economic empowerment.
        We can go back to school and learn more about running a business and use that information to help ourselves and other black people start businesses.
        or turn a skill we already have into helping others become more business minded
        We can create a flyer or newsletter featuring black businesses that deserve our support and pass that information around with the same enthusiasm way we pass out flyers for the latest party or nightclub event or start a part-time business endeavor, like creating a black business coupon business where black businesses give coupons and pay a small amount to advertise (may be a good idea in a city with a lot of black businesses, or it may not, but we have to try things to see what works).
        We are a creative people but have been taught to limit that creativity to things that don’t matter as much like:

        dance moves
        hand greetings
        moves on the basketball court
        signifying & joke telling
        If we are not willing to do stop being just consumers and start being producers, entrepreneurs and a self-respecting, let’s-support-our-own kind of people.
        If we are not willing to turn the immense pool of education, skills and talents we bring to corporate Amerikkka to make white business owners wealthy and start using it to build our own businesses then we better get used to more massive black unemployment, more black wage slavery, more black poverty, more black family dysfunction, more black youth in prison, more black on black violence, and more black people picking crops on Amerikkka’s farmland like we did over 100 years ago.
        This is foremost on my mind because I work for a large employer that is strategizing ways to dump large numbers of black employees here in the Chicago area
        White people are finding clever ways to TAKE those “good jobs” (that pay a living wage) and GIVE them to white people– and even more foreign workers (the new “n*ggers”), and blame it on “the economy” to perform JOB GENTRIFICATION — moving black people OUT of the work force.
        The handwriting on the wall is so crystal clear that even those black people who had strongly been in denial (due to gross white identification and anti-blackness) can see what is happening..
        That’s how deadly SERIOUS our economic situation is here in Amerikkka(and worldwide)
        The bottom line is it will be up to us to FIX our own problems,Onitaset. We can’t rely on anyone else.

      2. Brother Kushite Prince,

        Cast down your bucket where you are. — Booker T. Washington

        I believe that you would agree with this article: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/african-power-from-local-economic-centers-video/

        The fundamental concept, though, is “casting your bucket where you are.” Without a center, there is no shape, without a Community Center, there is no Community.

        Sister Dallas said it best in her comment:

        Community centers serve as stabilizing forces for the neighborhood. This is why you see so many other groups set them up. Where I live in Upstate NY, groups such as: Guyanese, Dominicans, etc. already have community centers or something akin to one and they have been a force in the area for only a few decades. Blacks in the area are now renting and buying from them. How the hell does this happen?


        She authored: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/road-to-murder-the-enslavement-of-michael-jackson-by-dallas-newton/

        The point being that you’ve thought of wonderful solutions, but to put those ideas into action, you would need a forum that doesn’t already exist in your area: An [African Blood Siblings] Community Center.

        “One foot isn’t enough to walk with.” — KMT Proverb

        Or “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.” — Aesop

        [See: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/two-of-aesops-fables-and-a-lesson/%5D

        If anything is to be implemented, we must start at setting the foundation.

        Reflect on starting an African Blood Siblings Community Center. With the Center, not only is consciousness improved, but you can connect Los Angeles to Lagos, Sierre Leone and Brooklyn.


    1. Thanks Steph! I appreciate the kind words. I was just speaking from the heart. Believe it or not,I’ve thought about writing a book for awhile. I just need to stop putting it off and just do it.

    1. As are you Brother.

      Umar A. Johnson makes many notable contributions on the Hidden Colors DVDs. They are a good introduction to African Consciousness. As long as we enlist Africans into Organizations, we can create African Communities. We all have our responsibilities.

  3. A Brother on Tumblr asked:

    Onitaset, I wanted to know how homosexuality is a social construct by Europeans and how Afrikans should not support it. I’ve heard of female-husbands and boy-wives but I doubt they had any homosexual activity. Thank you in advance.

    I answered:

    The article I earlier sent more that suffices,

    “The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature.”

    [ https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/kmt-self-knowledge-and-cosmic-wisdom-quotations/ ]

    However, it’s not enough to think of Nature as animals and plants, though that can lead us to how homosexuality is European and heterosexuality is African; the two of us ought to look at Nature as also men, women and spirits.

    We should already know that the spirit of Europeans is different from the spirit of Africans, this we see from their most isolated representations of “Civilization.” The European seeks to Dominate and the African seeks to Restore, though in this conversation let’s say “Complement.” The clearest depiction of this is the difference between Patriarchy and Matriarchy. Patriarchy is Male Domination. Matriarchy is Male/Female Complementarity. When you look back at African Spiritual Depictions, the Male is Complemented by the Female, or even the Male is a Female (intersex.) However, Cheikh Ante Diop (pronounced “Jop”) had shown that Monogamy was the rule among Africans prior to the Asians and Europeans. What’s more that, that monogamy was Heterosexual.

    The reasoning behind European Homosexuality is partly Domination. A cursory study of Roman Laws regarding Homosexuality would expose this fact. However, there’s more to understand as to why homosexualiy couldn’t be African. In Africa, we have rites of passage, rituals and lessons designated to, among other things, make a man sexually capable for a partner or make a woman sexually capable for a partner. Invariably the partner was of the opposite sex (i.e. women learned how to please men.) This of course also eliminates any systemic pedophilia in African culture (as sex is strictly an adult activity.) Especially as pairing was more communal than individual; for example, see the Kimona Dance of Swahili culture where women and men performed a strictly-heterosexual courtship dance. All this is to say that boys are initated into manhood with the explicit instruction to court a woman and start a family under her roof; and girls are initiated into womanhood with the explicit instruction to court a man and start a family under her roof. In no way is polygamy, pedophilia or homosexuality in the confines of this arrangement, as long as boys and girls are initiated into adulthood.

    Queue the African diaspora (or the Colonized Africans) which neither is initated nor admitted into adulthood yet unfortunately imitates Europeans (and Asians) and you have a serious, serious problem. There are no longer any rituals for courtship, there are no longer any instructions for adulthood, and there are no longer any families to appeal to, there is only sex and the aim of sex is quantity not quality.

    I wrote earlier that nature can instruct on homosexuality as European but didn’t explain. Here’s how: in decimated animal populations, the animals can exhibit homosexual tendencies. I.e. if females are sparse, the males may engage in homosexual behavior (or vise-versa.) So beyond ‘domination,’ population can influence sexuality and the European and the Asian who are nomadic and warlike, have a higher historic and present inclination to homosexuality. Add to this that their mentalities are toward sex for quantity not quality and you have the other proverb,

    “Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct.”

    With regard the present situation of African homosexuality, it’s a created phenomenon for population control (ever notice that Africans in America never rise above 14% despite a higher birthrate and more Africans worldwide than Europeans?) The psychologist Dr. Umar A. Johnson can better explain it than I can:


    Regarding “female-husbands” and “boy-wives” its upon us to recognize that Pre-Colonial need not mean Pre-Islamic and Islam is Patriarchal and Patriarchy leads to Homosexuality.

    I hope that, that helps, I kind of wish this was a public response,

    And, cynically,

    Though FYI, an anti-Homosexual struggle, in and of itself, may be a waste of resources. If you can organize people around it, then it’s useful; but we should aim to build up African-Nationalism as the end goal. At best it can be a bait-and-switch–it might actually be a great bait-and-switch.

    Thanks for asking,
    (I posted the exchange on the site.)

  4. Oni,

    Thank You for taking a stand against homosexuality!

    Just because we don’t accept the weaponized forms of Abrahamic Faiths – doesn’t mean that we should support a degenerate culture! You would be surprised how many people I’ve come across who claim they are for BLACK POWER yet they turn a blind eye to homosexuality. Among the youth that reject religion, there has been a growing trend to turn a blind eye to homosexuality and everything the church has deemed inappropriate. The people that support these things don’t outright say it – but they defend it and speak out against people who voice their moral opinion against it. It’s come to this because homosexuals have accumulated POLITICAL POWER because of the claim that they were “born that way”. The mass media also likes to push out this LIE. Homosexuals NEED to promote this lie because if they admit that homosexuality is simply a human decision they will lose ALL political power.

    Homosexuality is being used as a weapon against our people.

    If something is KNOWN to be used as a weapon against our people and someone CHOOSES to support it – how does that make them any different from our oppressors? If somebody KNOWS that homosexuality has become a disease spreading, family destroying weapon against the black community – and they continue to support it – how are they different from our oppressors?

    1. King,

      Excellent questions. Though we need to be serious, do we need more forces or more enemies?

      The first concerning the ‘secrets’: all cognition comes from inside; we are therefore initiated only by ourselves, but the Master gives the keys.
      The second concerning the ‘way’: the seeker has need of a Master to guide him and lift him up when he falls, to lead him back to the right way when he strays.
      Understanding develops by degrees.

      Without a doubt Homosexuality is a destructive consciousness and consciousness not only contributes to a Race’s health but an individual’s, see: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/of-critiquing-golemans-probing-the-enigma-of-multiple-personality/

      Yet, if we can transform consciousness let us be on that assignment. The African given the key to Africanness will clean his clothes. Let us show the way and keep focused on who the enemy is and always will be: Non-Africans.

      “The hunter in pursuit of an elephant does not stop to throw stones at birds”

    2. Morpheus,

      Unlike the brother who has distinguished himself as lazy minded and prone to PARROT popular disagreements with two dudes kissing on the back porch, are you able to specifically explain how homosexuality (your term) destroys the Afrikan family and undermines Afrikan liberation struggle? Is this not a valid inquiry demanding responses that imply one has given considerable thought to justify such a strong and seemingly incontestable perspective? For example, after considerable thought, I am of the firm belief that dehumanizing someone because their sexual preferences – in this case brothers – indirectly negatively impacts str8 sisters. How so? By creating and perpetuating an environment of fear of being ostracized, marginalized, and dehumanized, the vocally intolerant conceivably drive gay dudes into the awaiting arms of emotionally vulnerable sisters who, in too many instances, are unaware that the brother sleeping besides her in marriage or sexual companionship, is there not out of SINCERITY, but because he is trying to conceal his sometimey or exclusive attraction to dudes. Simply put, he deceives her into thinking she is the apple of his eye, when in fact she is not. No one loves a black man like a black woman. Which implies a certain vulnerability on the part of sisters to totally embrace a brother who who professes to have mutual feelings. Look, what I have failed to articulately argue is this: Every time the worg fag is uttered, you can bet some brother who’d rather be in the arms of another brother is going to have an anxiety so compelling that, in order to avoid suspicion, he is going to hook up with a sister who will be convinced she has found her life partner or whatever.(I speak from an experience I had when I was 22 and about to ask a sister to marry , knowing wasn’t feeling her, but this dude I was seeing on the side). Isn’t THAT reality enough to compel our people to chill out with anti-gay references? Afrikan philosophy has schooled me about the importance of the group over the individual, and so we must understand that dehumanizing same-sex attraction negatively impacts EVERYONE, particularly the sisters, who in these times when white supremacy has undermined black masculinity, are having difficulty finding emotionally, affection ally, and relationally SINCERE mates. Dehumanizing gay brothers, then, is counterrevolutionary.

  5. I think that homosexuality is uniquely occidental in nature and I see it as the highest point on a slippery slope down to more base, degenerate, and filthy practices like pedophillia and beastiality. Up until recently, the only people who were homosexual, “transgendered”, hermaphroditic and gender confused were – for the most part – a majority of “white” people.

    Now we see the ebb and flow of mentally enslaved Africans imitating their oppressors!

  6. Homosexuality in Prehistoric Africa

    Our knowledge of homosexuality in prehistoric African cultures is limited by the late-Middle Age European views of Africans, of homosexuality, and of course, the European reason for being in sub-Saharan Africa in the first place – the slave trade. Among the earliest references to it are some of the records of the Inquisition in Brazil. From the Denunciations of Bahia, (1591-1593) comes this thoroughly racist reference to it:

    “Francisco Manicongo, a cobbler’s apprentice known among the slaves as a sodomite for ‘performing the duties of a female’ and for ‘refusing to wear the men’s clothes which the master gave him.’ Francisco’s accuser added that in Angola and the Congo in which he had wandered much and of which he had much experience, it is customary among the pagan negros to wear a loincloth with the ends in front which leaves an opening in the rear… this custom being adopted by the sodomitic negros who serve as passive women in the abominable sin. These passives are called jimbandaa in the language of Angola and the Congo, which means passive sodomite. The accuser claimed to have seen Francisco Manicongo “wearing a loincloth such as passive sodomites wear in his land of the Congo and immediately rebuked him.” (quoted by J. Treveisan, Perverts in Paradise, London, 1986. Elipses are his.)

    We can see from such references, that homosexuality was present in Africa from at least the earliest of European contact, and without much doubt, from long before. It wasn’t just central Africa, either. While European proprieties made such graphic description of African homosexualities uncommon in their descriptions of Africa, there are enough references to it to know that it was indeed present, and even used as a justification for considering African cultures primitive enough to justify slavery.

    Among the last African cultures to be subjugated by Europeans, the Hausa peoples of northern Nigeria and the surrounding countries offer interesting examples of homosexuality among Islmaicized peoples of Africa. Conquered by the British only in 1904, they were studied extensively by British ethnographers within a decade and a half of the arrival of the British – having experienced very limited contact with Europeans in the meantime. These ethnographers included sexual practices, including homosexuality, in their survey. Thus, they give us a unique glimpse into a nearly pristine African Islamic culture.

    The Hausa people have terms in their language that are used to describe homosexuals. Two terms are common, ‘yan dauda, which is usually translated as “homosexual” or “transvestite” and ‘dan dauda, which translates as a homosexual “wife.” The ‘yan dauda in Hausaland engange in stereotypical professions, much as marginalized gay men in the west often do. In Hausaland, they are often engaged in the sex trade – both as male prostitutes and as ‘procurers’ for female prostitutes. In the latter role, they do not behave as ‘pimps’ do in the west, maintaining ‘stables’ of female prostitutes under their subjugation, but rather simply as go-betweens, arranging, for a fee, liasons for men seeking the commercial charms of female prostitutes. In this role, they often engage as male prostitutes themselves when the opportunity arises.

    Among other African tribes, homosexual behaviors among premarriage adolescents is common and is not even considered to be sex, since it does not involve procreative potential. In Camaroon, for example, homosexual acts as late as age 17 are considered innocent, not being “true” sexual relations. Such youth consider themselves virgins at marriage, even though they may have considerable homosexual experience in both roles. There are many stories among the Pangwe of Camaroon of men who hate women and prefer the company of men even when offered a large brideprice, of men who court other men, etc. That these behaviors existed within this tribe prior to European contact is evidenced by the richness and number of these stories.

    In Zimbabwe, a nation racked by recent homophobic pogroms instituted by its viciously homophobic dictator, Robert Mugabe, there has historically been little known about homosexual behavior among peoples present prior to European contact. Some ethnographers have dishonestly attempted to show that homosexual behavior is a recent innovation encouraged by Europeans to serve their capital interests, in housing large numbers of male Africans together in barracks to serve as labor in the mines.

    The reality is that homosexuality existed in Zimbabwe long prior to European contact, just like it did anywhere else in Africa. We know this because the San people had the indiscretion to record their group anal sexual intercourse on rock paintings that date back thousands of years.

    The Bantu-speaking peoples of the plateau country were more circumspect, but have admitted to ethnographers that homosexual contact did occur, and was expected of pre-marriage adolescent males.

    Court documents from the colonial era from Zimbabwe and South Africa (1920 and 1917 respectively) indicate that among both the Mazoe and Ndebele peoples of Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively, a fine of one beast was levied against persons attempting to engage in sodomy by traditional rulers in pre-colonial times from both tribes. This fine equates to a misdemeanor – evidence that it was not heavily frowned upon, nor particularly uncommon.

    Colonial court records also show that prosecution for male homosexuality at the onset of colonial rule amounted to 1.5 percent of criminal cases in Zimbabwe, eventually declining to near zero, while prosecutions for heterosexual crimes, such as indecent assault, rape, etc., rose from almost nothing to significant portions of the criminal dockets. It must be noted that because the 1.5 percent represented unwilling participants in the criminal process, the actual extent of homosexual behavior was certainly much greater, since only those caught in flagrante delicto, those prosecuted with amicus, or those accused by jilted lovers or others with an axe to grind, represent the criminal numbers we see in the records. The actual numbers were certainly much higher. In more than 90 percent of cases, the defendant was an African male accused of assualting another African male or boy. Cases involving Europeans were much more rare.

    The notion that this is “a white-man’s disease of recent origin” is made laughable by an even cursory examination of the criminal records of colonial Zimbabwe and South Africa. A close qualitative analysis of the early colonial trial transcripts shows that there was often shared property resulting from long-standing cohabitation by the defendant and his accusor. That the courts had to sort out the property details shows that these men had often considered themselves in a de facto marriage prior to their dispute. Contrary to Mugabe’s and other Afrocentrists’ assertions, analysis of the colonial court cases show that the rates of prosecution for homosexual behaviors was highest among the more indigenous peoples (Shona, 17% and Ndebele, 16%), and least among the “industrialized migrants” from elsewhere (about 3% each for Xhosa, Basotho and Zulu). Presumably the latter had simply learned better how to avoid the white man’s justice.

    1. King,

      Judge by cause, not by effect.

      Be careful with your sources ( http://www.bidstrup.com/phobiahistory.htm ). There are so many contradications, especially considering your other post here:

      My research in this area seems to support the observation that the African autochthon and their autochthonous societies such as the Aka, Efé, Mbuti.and the San are matriarchal where monogamy is the norm.


      Monogamous Matriarchy is Heterosexualism.

      Let me show you the points you may have overlooked:

      1) Our knowledge of homosexuality in prehistoric African cultures is limited by the late-Middle Age European views of Africans, of homosexuality, and of course, the European reason for being in sub-Saharan Africa in the first place – the slave trade. Among the earliest references to it are some of the records of the Inquisition in Brazil. From the Denunciations of Bahia, (1591-1593) comes this thoroughly racist reference to it:

      The article starts off with the Myth that African History is the History of Europeans in Africa. If one of the earliest references are 500 years ago and Africa has a history of over and at least 200,000 years then the claim is automatically debunked. This is not “Prehistory” but “Pre-European Contact.”

      However, this is not even Pre-European Contact. The example above comes from Brazil, which means the African in question was kidnapped, abused, transported, possibly raped, sold, worked, etc. His example is not a Pre-European example but an extreme European example.

      2) Francisco Manicongo, a cobbler’s apprentice known among the slaves as a sodomite for ‘performing the duties of a female’ and for ‘refusing to wear the men’s clothes which the master gave him.’

      The key word here is that this African was enslaved. What’s more the gender roles of Europeans were imposed on an enslaved population. Later on, Francisco’s alleged accusers relate a story of sodomites in Africa; this same Congo that was enslaved by Europeans for around a century (the Portuguese made contact in 1483) and this coming from a European enslaver.

      3) We can see from such references, that homosexuality was present in Africa from at least the earliest of European contact, and without much doubt, from long before.

      Actually you don’t. As pointed out, if the observerations were true, they come a century after European contact. What’s more, Asian contact had come to Africa centuries earlier.

      4) Among the last African cultures to be subjugated by Europeans, the Hausa peoples of northern Nigeria and the surrounding countries offer interesting examples of homosexuality among Islmaicized peoples of Africa.

      Islamicized people are not Pre-Historic Africans. Islam was the same exporter of Polygamy and Patriarchy to Africa. To look at Islam as Pre-History is worse than saying Ancient Greece was Pre-History, as Ancient Greece is more Ancient than Islam. Nevertheless, going back further to Ancient KMT and further still to Ancient Africa, the records are not there. The European author is not worth quoting.

      5) Thus, they give us a unique glimpse into a nearly pristine African Islamic culture.

      A Pristine African Islamic Culture is an Oxymoron. There’s no African Islamic Culture. It’s an Asian Islamic Culture imposed in Africa. This Author vindicates Africans who claim Homosexuality is imported.

      6) In Hausaland, they are often engaged in the sex trade – both as male prostitutes and as ‘procurers’ for female prostitutes.

      There is no indigenous sex trade in Africa. How can there be in a Monogamous Matriarchy?

      7) We know this because the San people had the indiscretion to record their group anal sexual intercourse on rock paintings that date back thousands of years.

      I’ve yet to see these rock paintings . . .. I saw one rock painting, either from Ancient KMT or the San, yet it was heterosexual.


      Be careful with citing Europeans.

      1. You offer a good analysis. It is obvious that some of us are not ready for this conversation partly because we are using the language and paradigm of European socialism and sexism on Africans to interpret and contextualize gender roles and relationships and also because we are not ready to engage the scholarship of Africans who present the social anthropology that would otherwise enlighten us on the nature of such and why. Your caveat is noted. We have to first be willing to commit ourselves to open minded, objective and critical examination of the empirical evidence of ethnographers that complement the findings of Africans themselves without prejudice.

      2. Brother-King,

        We want to bring you some updates on the question of identity. You know, it’s crucial for a people who’s culture has been destroyed. If one doesn’t know who one is, one really cannot know what one’s interests are or where one is going.

        Indeed the first job of the oppressor is to wipe out the culture of the oppressed and have the oppressed believe that they have the same culture as the oppressor. His job is to have you think you have the same history as the oppressor. Once you think you have the same history, once you think you have the same culture, you will think that the enemies of your oppressor happen to be your enemies. Once you know your history, once you know your culture, you will know that the enemies of your enemy must be aided to bring down your enemy.

        This has to a lot with the question of identity. Any time you make an analysis of an oppressed people in any aspect of their lives and you leave out the enemy, you will never come to a correct analysis. On the contrary, you will blame the oppressed for all of their problems.

        Even if one where to talk about the drugs in our community, if you just talk about drugs and not talk about the enemy, you make no analysis at all. If you haven’t brought in the question of who brings the drugs in, why the drugs are brought in, for what purpose they are brought in, you will never understand the problem at all.

        When we speak of the conditions of the African masses we begin with the enemy of the African masses, especially the racist, capitalist system in the United States of America.

        — Kwame Ture ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQKlor9x_LM )

        Or as Marcus Garvey said it earlier,

        There has never been a white historian who ever wrote with any true love or feeling for the Negro.

  7. Well now that is a good idea, wasting your time hunting ghosts.
    I don’t see how paranoia homophobia is going to help your cause.
    People are born that way and there allways will be, it is called nature, way powerful than any man.

    1. Seeker,

      “Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct.”

      The assertion of the Power of Nature is a formidable one. I had the fortune to be in an audience when one person raised the issue of same-sex couples within the animal kingdom. The speaker announced how biologically flesh is attracted to flesh; suggesting to the audience that he would readily concede that the body itself wouldn’t make a distinction. However, he added that beyond the physical pleasures, we, especially as human beings, must follow other Laws of Nature, you can say, particularly the need to replicate ourselves–or survive as a species.

      If we follow this logic, we can learn how the logic “nature is more powerful than man” and “people are born that way” ergo we must be supportive also comments on hedonism, gluttony, greed, and the general search for quantity. For instance, as we see from children, people love sweets–they are born loving sweets–but we would be very foolish to not restrain a child from overindulging in sweets. We see the same with cocaine–of which we are more prohibitive because of the social implications. When we study the reasoning that flesh is attracted to flesh, we understand that it’s not limited to the human world. I.e. the man who likes sex may not solely like it with women, or men, but the animal kingdom may too please him. Therein are additional health risks, unnecessary social settings, and of course anti-productive behavior. More or less can be said of incest, pedophilia, interracialism and other questionable relations. As to say, a man may reason children by nature please him, or a woman may say her Brother, as a man, by nature pleases her and continue ‘nature is more powerful than man’ and ‘I was born this way’ yet I would hope that despite the parallel you would not agree with either deviance.

      Keeping in the paradigm of homosexuals, we confront the reality that a Community should wish to sustain itself, people are emotional, families should be committed and reproduction involves a man and a woman. All together it is clear why the mission of community reproduction or survival isn’t compatible with a libertine philosophy of sexuality. Rather, the community ought espouse quality over quantity wherein quality is healthy, monogamous, long-lasting, intraracial and conducive to family, spiritual development and community maintenance.

      1. Gay people have a positive effect on society, that is my personal experience. All of the gay and lesbian people I know are hardworking, loving sustainable members of society. Great caretakers and especially gay men are very pleasent to interact with for women. They are very harmless! I find it hardly impossible to just befriend a heterosexual male, my longlasting friendships are with women or gay males. It is very offensive to compare gay sexuality to beastiality. 8% of people are born non-heterosexual. Being close to gays all of my live, it is not difficult to tell or recognize. It did not make me gay, nor anything else but hetero. Great great friends, I would not trade them for the world, I don’t care who they make love to, as long as it is consensual! Greetings from Holland.

      2. It is good to see the voice of reason and sensibility. It beats homophobia every time. Hopefully we will get to the place where we will recognize the cosmology and antiquity of same gender roles and relationships from an African perspective and yes there is an African perspective. Some of us are too conditioned to our our indoctrination in western norms, culture, society and traditions (including western religions) to even consider this much less understand it. We need to be re-educated. Our ancestors are not gender bound in their reincarnations.

      3. Seeker,

        “An answer is profitable in proportion to the intensity of the quest.” — African Proverb

        Many have searched yet have not found any examples of outright homosexuality in African antiquity, although the examples of heterosexuality were overwhelming. Loes van de Pas contended that 8% are born homosexual. Such a high percentage would reason that the artifacts for homosexuality would be plentiful, yet they aren’t. Of course, no one is born homosexual, yet you seem to conflate gender and sexuality. A Masculine Woman is not a Homosexual Woman; and a Feminine Man is not a Homosexual Man. Masculinity and Femininity are aspects of Gender Roles not Sexuality. Regarding Ancestral reincarnation, Spirits reincarnate in pairs in order to procreate in the physical plane. So regardless of your personal spiritual heritage, on this Earth you are tasked with the reproduction of your Race ergo Intraracial Heterosexuality is the Cosmological truth.

      4. Seeker,

        “Routine and prejudice distort vision. Each man thinks his own horizon is the limit of the world.” — African Proverb

        As African people, we have a duty to live in Service of our Ancestors and African Love. 100% of people are born from heterosexual unions. The statistic on 8% of people has no biological basis. First and foremost, the depravity of Europeans has been historically unsettling. If you want a closer examination, brace yourself. This website is NSFW and can turn your stomach: http://cynicalafrikan.com/

        You can not be good for society yet inconsiderate of the unborn. It remains to be seen how homosexual couples contribute to Unborn Africans. Whereas you may reason ‘they are good friends’ that’s purely ego talking. Your friends but what about the friends of your offspring? We must have larger concerns than ourselves.

  8. >” No one is born Homosexual?” – Are you kidding me mr/mrs Onitaset?
    I did not say, 8%are born homosexual, I said non-heterosexual. A bisexual young man of mixed descent that is a spokesperson about sexuality and who informs at schools told me that. About a 2% procent suicide rate of the 8%, mostly young people. (This is a average rate he gave me. ) Well I wonder why……. The truth is, so many find it impossible to live their lives knowing they never will be accepted, be oppressed and harassed or are forced to pretend to be hetero for the rest of their lives.
    Gay couples can have children by a donor, previous relationships or adopt, and raise them together, I see people do it all the time and non accidental parenthood in that corner. For that reason children of same sex couples have a good change for a happy childhood, because they only have children if they can provide for them. I see people prove that all the time, also after a break up.
    The link you posted mr/mrs Onitaset is about sex offenders with minors, I do not see a connection to homosexsuel people.
    Is it necessary that you constantly go off topic?
    >” A Masculine Woman is not a Homosexual Woman; and a Feminine Man is not a Homosexual Man.”- True mr/mrs Onitaset, not neccessarily so!

    Good point mr.Davis.

    1. Peace,

      Loes van de Pas, because a speaker told you something it makes it true? Has no one ever lied to you before?

      Here’s an excerpt from Marimba Ani’s Yurugu which can better inform this conversation:

      “According to the Dogon people of Mali, in West Africa, Amma, the Creator, ordained that all created beings should be living manifestations of the fundamental universal principle of complementarity or ‘twinness. This principle manifests itself as the wholeness which is created when female and male pairs join in all things. Such pairing establishes equilibrium, cooperation, balance, and harmony. Amma therefore equipped each being with twin souls — both female and male — at birth. But one of these primordial placentas the male soul did not wait for the full gestation period to be born. This male being was known as Yurugu (Ogo), who arrogantly wished to compete with Amma and to create a world better than that which Amma had created. With his fragmented placenta he created Earth; but it could only be imperfect, since he was incomplete, that is, born prematurely, without his female twin-soul. Realizing that he was flawed and therefore deficient, Yurugu returned to Amma seeking his complementary female self. But Amma had given his female soul away. Yurugu forever incomplete, was doomed to perpetually search for the completeness that could never be his. The Earth, he had defiled in the act of self-creation, was now inhabited by single-souled, impure and incomplete beings like himself. Yurugu’s descendants, all eternally deficient, originated in an incestuous act, since he had procreated with his own placenta, the representation of his mother.”

      The bold highlights the reasoning of heterosexuality: the idea that everyone is born as an incomplete half of a heterosexual pair. Go to any Museum, the artifacts of Africa are uniformly Heterosexual. For you to believe 8% are born non-heterosexual because some speaker told you so is an insult to your intelligence. Why are African artifacts uniformly Heterosexual if 8% are non-heterosexual?

      You should be aware that “appeals to authority” are logical fallacies. Meanwhile, the complementarity of man and woman is natural fact.

  9. An educated expert informed me.
    For me as a heterosexual woman it is natural to be in a male/female relationship, but I do not impose my personal feelings to anyone who might feel otherwise. Only mutual consent matters mr/mrs Onitaset.
    Good luck being you and your research to prove that homosexuality never existed in Africa before white European people came to plunder the continent., mr/mrs Onitaset.

    1. Peace,

      A fellow King has shared an interesting article and video, check it out at your own leisure:


      There’s a difference between being Homosexual and being Homosexualized. I.e. It’s evident to me that one can teach a young boy to find other boys sexually attractive. Whereas it seems difficult, it’s intuitive; one can be taught anything.

      The question of what is according to the boys nature can only be addressed in the boys Ancestry. Realistically, the notion of the historical homosexual African is without evidence. The whole social organization of Africans lent to the Male and Female complementarity.

  10. Congratulations to the voices of sanity, reason and reality on this discussion! What is un-African and an imposition on African culture, tradition and spirituality is not same gender relationships but HOMOPHOBIA.

  11. This is part of our problem. This is why we can never truly connect as “Blood Siblings”. We are too sensitive, puffed up, prideful, egotistical, and not gracious and big enough to tolerate each others, foibles, weaknesses, faults, mistakes, faux pas and other human frailties that sometime result is miscommunications or misunderstandings. This is one of the reasons why I rarely or ever post here. We still have a long way to go before we understand what it means truly means to be “Blood Siblings”, Such well intentioned attempts to connect with each other becomes just that – good intentions- or just a platitude. Or maybe this the way “blood siblings” act? Do we want to really forge relationships, communicate, share various points of view or is this blog just one of many pressing forth a certain personal, private agenda or ideology?

    1. Peace Sidney,

      “Leave him in error who loves his error.” — African Proverb

      People need PURPOSE. Without it the engagement isn’t worthwhile. The reality is if someone LOVES the opposite of your PURPOSE then that someone can not build with you. What good is a relationship on diverging PURPOSES?

      When someone misspells your name without excuse they are no longer having a discussion with you. If you answer to another name, that’s on you, but of course one should be PROUD of the name bestowed on them by their Ancestors.

      For the record, I was accused of seeing homosexuals as ‘scary.’ I never insinuated as much. If you believe that misrepresenting the other person and misspelling their name are all part of forging a relationship and what “Blood Siblings” do then by all means take that with you elsewhere.

      I’m bringing Ancestral Wisdom. I don’t have time for the games of ‘shaming,’ ‘slights’ and ‘arguments.’

      Your Mother raised you better than to write “We are too sensitive, puffed up, prideful, egotistical, and not gracious and big enough to tolerate each others, foibles, weaknesses, faults, mistakes, faux pas and other human frailties” and she raised you better than to write “maybe this the way “blood siblings” act? Do we want to really forge relationships, communicate, share various points of view or is this blog just one of many pressing forth a certain personal, private agenda or ideology?” Don’t degrade your Mother in this way. Read what is written and stop taking sides.

      1. Peace Sidney,

        “What you are doing does not matter so much as what you are learning from doing it.” — African Proverb

        Know who your enemies are and who your forces are. Don’t be too quick to blame our problems on anyone. Do not forget that I publish regular articles on a plethora of subjects, many of which are from either our Ancestors or our Ankobia. “Qualities of a moral order are measured by deeds.” My legs are tired from trying to resist the GENOCIDE against African people.

        Look at this post:

        On September 21st, 2013, Westgate Mall in Kenya had a massacre. There is a GLOBAL GENOCIDE against African people. I am trying to Organize a Resistance. Dr. Umar A. Johnson relates above how this “Pro-Homosexualism” is part of that Genocide. I shared that Knowledge. I shared also the Ancient Knowledge on Heterosexualism. This isn’t PERSONAL, it’s POLITICAL.

        Don’t shame the Resistance. Join the Resistance. Don’t misread things. Realize there is a POLITICAL GENOCIDE, an ECONOMICAL GENOCIDE and a CULTURAL GENOCIDE against African people. I’m RESISTING at my own expense. If you can not appreciate the DEEDS then what do you appreciate? Constantly you took sides. Did you ever stop to read what I posted? Reread the conversation, click the links, and come back in an informed manner. Do not forget that I read the article you copied and commented on it. I am listening. Are you?

    1. Peace King,

      I don’t use the word ‘sin’ but certainly “homosexuality” goes against the gender roles of an African community. Two men can not breastfeed an infant, neither can two women, two women can not be as protective as a normal family, and two of the same-sex can not procreate. One can reason ‘adoption’ or ‘outside pregnancies’ yet an African’s breastmilk connects the child with its Mother. Besides, at the end of the day, a Man can not be a Mother and a Woman can not be a Father yet a child needs both. The mimicry can never match the mastery.




  12. People don’t TURN gay. Who chooses to be different? Who chooses to go to school and be afraid to speak because they sound different? I am a black man I left the nest at 18 not because I had to because I wanted to. I have a mother and a father I don’t come from a broken home and my father play a huge roll in my life. I knew what I liked at a very young age. Adult men saw that I was feminine and they looked down on me. This made me hate myself as a child I grew angry and looked at every man the same as if they hated me. Once I became a young adult I learned no matter what you do some one is going to talk about you. When I see people like this preaching this hate it hurts. Especially because I am a man who went to school I am a man who got a degree, I am a man who, respects women I just prefer not to date them. My dad said a statement to me that I would never forget. He said ” you can’t blame a group for ONE idiot”. :-) I think if the gay community use this hate to power themselves and stop living up to the stereotypical comments WE will be a very dominate race of people I love who I am and I live for me and I have to answer to god not you not them not him not her not they or not you guys.

    1. “I think if the gay community use this hate to power themselves and stop living up to the stereotypical comments WE will be a very dominate race of people”

      It’s foolish to think ‘gays’ ought to be a ‘dominate race of people.’ It’s impractical on a national scale and unethical on a social scale and blind on a power scale.

      “Dominate?” Gays are not even a “Race.” Most everything written by Xavier is fallacious. People do choose to be different. People do choose to be afraid to speak because they sound different. Although I doubt you’re an actual Black man so I’m not interested in this dialogue.

    1. “not allow the patriarchal hegemony to ZAP your mind”

      And what is more patriarchal than homosexuality? Get out of here with the foolish ignorance. Patriarchy is the imbalance of male and female. Homosexuality is Patriarchy in intimate relations.

      Again, you can’t be a Black thinking person with that logic.

  13. Ancient societies were MATRISOCIAL. I think a lot of men need to reconceptualize the notion of ‘matriarchies’.

    “Where the controversy lies is not in whether women were at least as important as men, but in whether these ancient civilizations were ruled by women. But that question is, ironically, exactly why we can’t find the answer. What we need to do is to re-examine the discussion outside our current conceptual framework: We need to put aside our preconceptions and cultural expectations and look at what was a completely different mindset.

    “Matriarchy” technically means a social/political structure in which women rule. But the concept of matriarchy in that sense is not a feminist concept, it is a patriarchal concept of a single person or group which rules over another.

    What if there were social structures in which there was no such thing as ruling over—no hierarchies, no one gender ruling over the other? Actually, there were. They existed throughout the Americas and the Global South, and the European missionaries, chroniclers, and miscellaneous scholars who encountered these cultures from the 15th century on all wrote about these astounding “egalitarian” peoples where women and men were equal and no single individual ruled over the others.40,41,42,43

    Most of these cultures were also described as matrilineal or matrilocal or, in some cases, matriarchal. But to describe an egalitarian society as matriarchal interprets the structure and human interactions through a patriarchal lens. In fact, they were matrisocial.

    If we look again at the evidence of ancient civilizations which centered around women through the conceptual framework of being matrisocial, something very different emerges from the notion of any gender ruling over another. What emerges is a social structure based on equality and communalism—exactly what is described by most anthropologists as being the case with ancient human civilizations between 10,000 and 5,000 years ago.

    In the typical communal society, there were elders whose advice carried great authority, and there were those who influenced their communities with their social, cultural, and spiritual guidance. In a matrisocial society, it is predominantly the women who guide their tribes and clans and social structures. What was lacking in these social structures was the concept of “ruler” or individual leader in the sense that we today understand “leader.”


  14. Furthermore, this kind of junk is exactly why I refuse to coalesce with the Black males who promote Black nationalism. Instead of fighting the other men who are oppressing them, they’re way more concerned about controlling, dominating, and ultimately subjugating everyone else in the Black community who isn’t a straight Black male. I refuse. I refuse to live in any society that tells me I have to ‘submit’ to random males . As long as I’m not oppressing or harming anybody, I’ll talk about what I want and I’ll do what I want. I refuse to tolerate living in ANY society that cannot evolve enough to accept grown adults that are homosexual or transgender. That sounds a heck of a lot like patriarchy and misogyny. Homophobia STEMS from misogyny. I constantly encounter Black men who refuse to let me even TALK about the sexual and physical violence that Black men inflict upon Black women, Black LGBTs, and Black children without trying to silence me, pathologize me, or say I “hate” Black men. Street harassment isn’t “normal”, it’s psychological warfare being inflicted upon Black women and girls by grown Black males. Pedophilia and rape are unacceptable. But grown adults who are homosexual and transgender? I have no problem with it. And from what I know most Black gay and trans folks date other Black gay people. There are African women who aren’t ‘subservient’ and who want a seat at the table leading the movement and making decisions for themselves. There are African gay and trans people. I’m down for my people but I’m not down for this misogynistic bullcrap. And I am CERTAINLY not down with men – many of whom are clearly not NEARLY not as smart, educated, compassionate, perceptive, or brave as I am – telling me what to do, how to think, how to dress, dance, speak, and be. If I want want to start a food co-op or community garden for Black people while wearing a weave, you better believe I’m going to do it. And I while I’m doing it I don’t want to have to have to deal with petty, arrogant, random Black males distracting me from the task at hand with their dumb complaints about my hair b/c they THINK they know my life or my mentality. I refuse to tolerate domineering men with control and power issues in my presence – ever.

    PLENTY of Black women only buy their hair products, jewelry, wigs, from Black female owned and operated companies. http://un-ruly.com/the-changing-business-of-black-hair/#.VdFkBYr3bCQ A lot of men think that it’s superficial and stupid but it’s NOT to us. If you want us to join you, you better stop belittling and dismissing things that are important to us. You may not ‘understand’ it but you need to accept it without belittling and disrespecting us for it. I know who I am and how valuable I would be to any movement. There are a lot of Black people who feel the same way I do. If you want us join with you, you better lay off the superficial shit that doesn’t have to do with our IMMEDIATE life threatening concerns (i.e. hair, dress, dancing, speech, consensual, non-coercive sex between adults within an equal power dynamic, etc.) and concentrate on fighting the white terrorists who are trying to kill. Concentrate on economic building, starting food co-ops and community gardens, teaching African history, and buying from Black owned companies and hiring each other. A lot of Black men need to find a way to be men without dominating, subjugating, manipulating, coercing, and harassing women to make themselves feel more like ‘men.’

    1. Peace,

      Your passion is welcoming, however ‘the key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.’ Many things you write need to be explored.

      For instance,

      As long as I’m not oppressing or harming anybody, I’ll talk about what I want and I’ll do what I want. I

      Oppressing and harming according to whom? What is considered oppression and what is considered harm? Are African people oppressed in America? Why? We can do what we want and talk about what we want–but if we are oppressed then how so?

      Oppression is a cultural phenomenon. Being able to talk about what you want and do what you want is not necessarily ‘liberatory’ inasmuch if what you talk about and do is within the purview of another culture. I.e. being an African Geisha in Japan is OPPRESSION; as an African should be an African not a Japanese. As to why “Liberatory” is important–that’s the goal of Pan-African Nationalism. This idea, is further explored in this series of articles: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/dialogue-one-of-five-on-race-culture-defined/

      I refuse to tolerate living in ANY society that cannot evolve enough to accept grown adults that are homosexual or transgender. That sounds a heck of a lot like patriarchy and misogyny. Homophobia STEMS from misogyny.

      You must be able to identify patriarchy and misogyny–as well as ‘matrisociality’–in order to properly fight the fight you wish to. Homosexuality is Patriarchy/Patriarchal. What’s more Homosexuality and Transgenderism is deeply embedded in the European Cultural Milieu. For instance, so-called Feminine fashion (high heels, long hair, gowns, and stockings) that are exemplified by European Women, European Homosexual Men and Imitators of Europeans–particularly African imitators. You can see it in Louix XIV: https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=JN.A3Y7hRTip5%2bbNgxkJDLDlQ&pid=15.1&P=0&w=300&h=300

      In other words, Patriarchal Europe had both stockings, wigs, high heels, gowns for MEN and in imitation of Patriarchy, African Homosexuals imitate the European Women imitating the European Men. There’s no Matrisociality in that at all! And of course no one needs to go into how HOMOSEXUAL Europe is. The Ancient Romans, Greeks, Britons, are all rampant with the phenomena. Meanwhile in Africa the balance of MEN and WOMEN is very, very emphasized. From the spiritual pantheon, to the artistic sculptures, to the cave drawings. To go against Patriarchy but welcome Homosexuality is CONTRADICTORY and ironic.

      Pedophilia and rape are unacceptable. But grown adults who are homosexual and transgender? I have no problem with it.

      Again, Pedophilia and Rape are prominent in European Culture, but no more prominent than Homosexuality and Transgenderism. To have one and not the other is almost absurd. It’s European Culture period.

      Recall, Homosexuality is unnatural for African people. With men, it’s scooping feces out of another man; with both men and women, it’s denying future generations.

      Concentrate on economic building, starting food co-ops and community gardens, teaching African history, and buying from Black owned companies and hiring each other.

      Obviously I agree with this, yet you must go deeper and understand what’s at hand. If a man wanted to skin bleach himself, his children and marry a White woman, sure that’s on him. And if he built an economic empire for Black people, that’s still on him. But clearly you can see how there is something lacking, something non-wholistic in his approach. It’s the same with the issues you raised.

      Sure, you can be a bright woman, with a weave, a tight, short dress, who curses like a sailor and sleeps with a different woman every night, and sure you can be about your people. But clearly that weave is propaganda for European hair, that short dress emphasizes the sexualization of women, that cursing is disrespectful to the auditor, and that sleeping around with women provides no children to the community. Sure, you can do you. But clearly your image is not one to promote in the African community, regardless. There are better images.

  15. i am not educated in any form or shape, I am just an African from Africa seeking answers of our original pre colonial standing on such situations… i found that from our people, homosexuality existed, however rare like left handed people it is.
    you see people like the Nguni as they say never minded two women cohabiting. or the Zulus and two men “marrying”.
    its only after the Europeans arrived that being left handed was a curse and made to change hands and “gay” and “straight” were coined and one was wrong and the other the only way of life. that’s as far as i know or have been made to believe.
    i haven’t heard any of my fore fathers having being raped or molested to transcend a gay way of life to me.
    my mother and I have never been molested or raped or caused to have aggression towards men.
    i grew up around a well fit family mommy and daddy and older sisters and brothers equally.
    i didn’t know what gay was
    i never heard of it before, no one knew what gay was.
    at 8 years i started being inclined to sports more than dolls that was fine, my mother loved an active child(it would mean i was knocked out cold in time)
    at the age of 12 i started realizing i looked at women differently but i thought, “no I’m more observant than the average girl” this is based on the fact i was quite the smartass.
    13 i had to force myself to like guy, bla bla bla.
    i can go on all day about my testimony but i am not advocating for wrong or right, those are subjective. i am rather saying for some its not psychological, or a cause of environment really.
    it harms no one who you’re attracted to.
    it doesn’t even cause a rift in society, gay people are people,they even tend to be the more passionate and involved people in their communities.
    “you can’t be gay AND broke” is their motto, i mean you ever seen a broke gay guy
    they be on any movement that deals w rights and liberation because they too know what it feels like

    1. Peace Sister,

      Your comment has many nuances to it. For instance, europeans are not the first foreigners in Africa. So the contrast between pre-european and post-european cultures in Africa is not the same contrast as pure and corrupted cultures in Africa. Regarding the Nguni, for instance, while an in-depth evaluation would be necessary to speak on them; a short investigation suggests that the Nguni people arrived in the southern parts of Africa first two-thousand years ago, then in a larger wave 600 years ago (1400 CE). But the question is how pure were the people who arrived 600 years ago, if Islam had been in Africa a full seven-hundred years before that (1300 years ago or 700 CE). To wit, islam is a foreign culture which comes from a homosexual background, much like christianity. What’s more, in islam homosexuality is a ‘curse’ as well.

      Either way, regarding your particular circumstance, the ‘gender’ norm of ‘boys like sports’ and ‘girls like dolls’ isn’t fully from an African cultural paradigm. It’s a european import which, as you experienced, can encourage gender confusion and, further, with a european paradigm of ‘homosexuality’ (i.e. one’s sexual behavior being an aspect of one’s identity), the gender confusion leads to homosexuality. So to say, you were mislead into thinking boys like sports but dislike dolls and girls like dolls but dislike sports, and that confused you. You should have been lead into thinking boys become Men and girls become Women. Men protect their communities in organized brotherhoods and complement Women in the home and Women heal their communities in organized sisterhoods and complement Men in the home. This would not have developed any gender confusion; and what’s more, you would have realized that, as a woman, you should pursue an organized Sisterhood as well as a Man to complement; as opposed to thinking, as a woman, that because you like sports and think women can be attractive, you must be a homosexual. However, ‘all warfare is based off of deception,’ europeans put that confusion into the culture in order to make people individualistic and unwilling to cooperate in their communities as effective people in their societies. Who cares if someone likes dolls or sports when that person can not help themselves?

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