Active Submission: An African Solution for Passive-Aggressive Africans

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“You will free yourself when you learn to be neutral and follow the instructions of your heart without letting things perturb you. This is the way of Maat.” — African Proverb

The way of Maat is Self-Discipline, Self-Worth and Self-Knowledge or, for short, Self-Mastery. The Passive-Aggressive, those who say “Whatever” to dismiss conversation, or “I’ll do it soon” without any intent to act, or “Who said I was mad?” when they are being spiteful or vindictive, katha wa katha (kwk) are Individuals who choose to walk the way of Isfet, the path opposite Maat’s. They are not neutral, they do not follow the instructions of their hearts, and they let things perturb them. The African Solution to Passive-Aggression is Active-Submission to Maat. For the masses of Africans whom are Passive-Aggressive, this article is a necessary read for turning our Individual, Familial, Communal, National and Racial lives around. It begins with us. Please donate and please share.

Active Submission: An African Solution for Passive-Aggressive Africans
By Onitaset Kumat

In lieu of the Passive-Aggressive problem, I propose Active-Submission.

Passive-Aggression is a European Behaviorism stemming from Spiritual Ignorance and in an African context would moreso be “Active-Submission to Aggression” or “Active-Submission to Isfet” where Isfet is Maat’s counterpart of disorder, chaos and imbalance (Maat being the spirit of order, harmony and balance.) The Passively-Aggressive tend to be easily perturbed (disturbed, bothered, angered, kwk) and in response to the perturbation, the Passive-Aggressive tirelessly and surreptitiously attempts to perturb her perceived aggressor. Anyone who finds herself perturbed by family members or her home life on a daily basis is Passive-Aggressive and is hurting the people she loves. Her solace will only come through Active-Submission to Maat.

Active-Submission to Maat or “Active-Submission” is a recognition that within every situation of our life are two polarities (or spirits or energies): Maat and Isfet. Maat seeks order, harmony, and balance; Isfet seeks disorder, chaos, and imbalance. Through Maat one does what the Ancestors and Ankobia (the honourable living) want one to do; through Isfet one does what one’s enemies’ want. Whatever actions we take, we submit to one of these two polarities. Active-Submission to Maat is characterized by not being perturbed and remaining vigilant against Isfet while maintaining Maat’s composure. It is the height of social behavior, or Self-Mastery, which even the writer struggles to attain from time to time.

In truth, most Occidental (Europeanized) Africans are Passive-Aggressive (Actively-Submissive to Isfet). The few Actively-Submissive (Actively-Submissive to Maat) Africans have their work cut out for them. The only step to Active-Submission is Self-Mastery. It’s upon the reader to recognize that the Individual is the Microcosm of the Family; the Family, the Microcosm of the Community; the Community, the Nation; the Nation, the Race. Self-Mastery is a composition of Self-Discipline, Self-Worth and Self-Knowledge. In the context of Active-Submission, Self-Discipline, or Political Self-Mastery, restrains an Individual from opposing Maat or supporting Isfet. Self-Worth, or Economical Self-Mastery, inspires an Individual to forgive perceived perturbations and forgo perturbing perceived aggressors. Self-Knowledge, or Cultural Self-Mastery, defines Maat and an Individual’s alignment to or Role for Maat. Through Self-Discipline, one is more vigilant for Maat; through Self-Worth, one is less perturbed; and through Self-Knowledge, one strays less from Maat. One can use this description to assess one’s own deficit in Self-Mastery: Are you vigilant against Chaos? Are you easily perturbed? Do you stray from your responsibilities?

Ultimately, Self-Mastery translates into an Individual Actively Submissive to Maat and thereby an Individual which accept one’s family members and home life as is and recognizes that the Ancestors purposely gave her, her family for Self-Mastery. The Actively-Submissive welcomes one’s relatives and recognizes his or her mutual roles with those relations. Whereas the Passive-Aggressive disassociates herself from or attempts to perturb her Father, Sister, Husband, kwk; the Actively-Submissive, in deference to Maat, is a Daughter to her Father, a Sister to her Sister and a Wife to her Husband, giving to each the respect and love owed each by merit of Ancestral Will.

This Self-Mastery, accomplished on the Individual level and proven on the Familial level, allows for Communal, National and Racial participation that supports Maat rather than Isfet. It is impractical to expect positive Communal, National or Racial lives where the leading Individuals perceive their Familial lives as negative. A century ago, John Edward Bruce instructed “The Starting Point in the Making of a Race is the Home.” Centuries earlier the Wisdom was the same. It’s upon us as Africans to ascend to Self-Mastery through the aid of our respective Families. Our home lives are often chaotic or in the spirit of Isfet, no doubt. Our relatives are Passive-Aggressive or out of their African minds, true. Our family leadership is very confused, absolutely. Yet when we rise above this battlefield the victor, we prepare ourselves for the war. As our proverb goes, “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” Self-Mastered Africans are among the strongest beings in the Universe. If your family does not sit right with you, seek Self-Mastery.

Afterward, please contact the African Blood Siblings, mentioning “Self-Mastery.”

8 thoughts on “Active Submission: An African Solution for Passive-Aggressive Africans

  1. Onitaset, you said… and I quote:

    “Maat seeks order, harmony, and balance; Isfet seeks disorder, chaos, and imbalance. Through Maat one does what the Ancestors and Ankobia (the honourable living) want one to do; through Isfet one does what one’s enemies’ want. Whatever actions we take, we submit to one of these two polarities.”

    This is absolutely superb. It perfectly explains our present state of mind. Many of us are loyal to Isfet because Isfet has spoon-fed us its education from childhood to adulthood. As a result, we think as Isfet wants us to think and we do as Isfet wants us to do and that is why we live disharmoniously and we live chaotically. We must return to Maat. It is the only way to save our sanity.

    My Question to you is this: How can we best promote the ways of Maat as the only way to free our minds?

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      I started reading a very exceptional book called “Initiatic Tales of Hej-Ptah” (Hej-Ptah is Egypt). It is a collection of tales, each are reportedly a tale told to initiates into African Education. The author, Naba Lamousa Morodenibig, prefaces each tale with a lesson. One of his prefaces relates the fact that we accuse or blame others for the evils they do in order to justify the evils we intend to do; despite knowing our evils are unjustifiable. Another story touches on a woman who asks a priests for a poison for her mother-in-law for she finds her mother-in-law’s hostility to be her sole source of unhappiness, to which the priest hands her a powder and insists that the woman cook for her mother-in-law her favorite meal every two days and otherwise treat her as a Queen to avoid suspicion when the slow-acting poison kills her. After a year of loving behavior the woman asks the priest for an antidote for their relationship was perfect and the priest confesses he only gave her crushed leaves, then relaying to her the truth that the human can not long resist love.

      In the end, the best way to promote Maat is to be one with Maat. The living example is the best example there is. When I speak about Self-Mastery above, I do not propose that one’s family will be Self-Mastered or even that one needs to change one’s family into being Self-Mastered. However, those that aim to step into the lime light of our Race need to pursue Self-Mastery lest their contributions outside of the family will be riddled with their contradictions within their family.

      Link to book:

  2. King,

    Exceptionally well-written article. I am passive aggressive. Unfortunately, I can easily fall victim to the ways of Isfet since, like many of our people, I have been reared within Isfet-driven conditions. This writing gives me (as one who admits her errors) inspiration and vision toward THE way of viewing and participating in family, community, race, and nation.

    Also, Queen Edens Sahara, you asked such a great and important question and your response is directly on point. I’d like to add that “being one with Ma’at” can be hard and requires us to look deep within oneself (which requires that one has the mindset and confidence to know for certain that she can do such, she just needs to dare!), and identify where Isfet made its home and release Isfet. That’s harder than it seems, I think.

    I think a good step towards totally being one with Ma’at is working daily to be just, harmonious, be balanced & offer balance, etc. Right now I am also working on being more grateful for my blessings from the ancestors. What I find as being really helpful is just saying “thank you” for even the simplest things. For example, this morning, after being unable to sleep comfortably during the night, I rose with RA. I simply said “thank you, Ra and the ancestors for allowing me to rise with you”. My day has been better.

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      Recently a King explained to me how mantras helped him attract positivity and repel negativity. Mantras, daily affirmations, meditations and the like are powerful tools in the human repertoire for affirming ourselves and keeping us consistent with the Maat paradigm of Maat/Isfet.

      Another tool, for which I can personally attest, is personal choice. Active Submission to Maat is an Active Choosing of Maat’s way in spite of Isfet’s way. It’s more than saying “I choose Maat” which may be a great Mantra, but it’s daring to choose Maat consequences notwithstanding.

      I struggle with the thought. Yet I recognize how in choosing Maat my rebirth will be that much more positive. Truly I should not gamble my soul for anything. The Parable of Sa-Asar is a wonderful reading on the subject:

    2. Queen Nyaatiy

      As Africans of the Diaspora, we have two wars to fight… the war within us between Maat and Isfet and the war from outside forces. Getting our mind right to be on the side of Maat will help us in the fight against our enemies. We can win, but first we need to deal with the enemy within. I didn’t mean to rhyme… it just flowed out that way :-)

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