In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness”KMT Proverb

It’s a worthwhile read.  Originally, I approached our Siblings on the street concerning the following write-up of our grievances.  The development from here is the specifications of the struggle.  You are enlisted to build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.

“Seek to be part of a brotherhood, sisterhood, or group, for we accomplish more together than alone.” — 9th Blameless code

African Blood Siblings (ABS) is the organization to liberate African people, at home and abroad.  Uniquely embracing the concept of morality, ABS requires mass support to solve our grievances.
Philosophers asked “What is goodness?”  ABS answered.
Donate money or buy our literature.

Massively organize to overwhelm when we mobilize!

Racial Self-Respect — “We must respect ourselves, first and foremost!”

Ethical Code — Ethics dictates that the truth must be pursued.  The truth is that six continents had African deities based around the original advanced civilization of Kush which followed the ten Blameless codes and found most civilizations of the world.  Truth is we have the best history.
“Make them focus on our minds, not our behinds.” — European culture deludes our youth to choose to empty their front pockets to dress for abuse their back pockets.  Most all of our fashion is “plantation” clothes so we can work for the European: house, field, prison and brothel work.  With ABS as medium, our work-for-self fashion can flourish.
“Know Thyself.” — Since Kush until five-hundred years ago, Africans were the most respected people.  We built the largest pre-modern structure, hosted the greatest empires and had the best ethics and philosophies.  They will not teach us this in their schools.  We can get our own.

Getting Interracial Respect  — “Disrespect destroys us.”

Ethical Code
— No respected people make foreigners police them.  Officers abuse us under the guise of “justice.”  But “what is justice?”  Europeans insist “African labor, European wealth” is justice.  The prison-industrial-complex is “European justice”: look at the U.S. Constitution.  Most major corporations (McDonald’s, Dell, Microsoft) use prison labor.  Let us rebel!  “African labor, African wealth.”  We can police ourselves by the laws of morality.  That will be justice.
“From the ‘invisible’ European ‘hand’ to visible African hands.” 
— In the U.S., ninety-eight percent of Africans work for Europeans, just like slavery only now we commute to the plantation.  We own little and can be evicted, starved or beaten any day.  Let us boycott to depreciate then buy our neighborhoods, network with the continent and finally have security.
“What’s in your hand?”  — Worldwide there are less Europeans than Africans yet the former is 80% of the permanent UN security council (the latter, 0%.)  European corporations (for example Pfizer) test debilitating products on Africans, some Europeans intentionally inject viruses (for example HIV) into Africans and pollute African communities (for example, Where does New York’s pollution go?), and now Europeans are intending to power Europe with a dam in the Congo at the heart of Africa.  This lack of respect is too much!  African people have at least ten major cities in the U.S., the richest continent, Caribbean islands and the most dispersed diaspora.  In our brown hands is abundant wealth.  Wealth that we can coordinate!

Giving Intraracial Respect  — “African is Beautiful!”

Ethical Code — We have a mistrust of one another; a deep psychological scar from slavery, liberalism and individualism.  Laws like meritorious manumission rewarded our traitors, an ongoing and standard practice.  We lost a philosophy to dismiss this treachery.  ABS found it.
“The African’s ice is coldest.”  — Europeans watch us.  According to Selig Center for Economic Growth, in the U.S., we spent more than others on electricity, phone services, children’s clothing and footwear; and highly on groceries, housing, natural gas, women’s clothing and gasoline.  Not surprisingly, none of these benefit Africans.  Internationally, we have the resources, skill and capital: we need to network internationally to improve our net worth internationally.  Network!
“If it takes a village, make a village.”  We need to give up our tribalism.  Islands, boroughs and neighborhoods are not important.  We are Africans.  Remember “Divide and Conquer.”  We can do for self once we know ourselves.  The continent has farmers, from them we should eat.  The continent has currencies, from these we should purchase.  In order to educate, build and work for ourselves we must have a forum.  ABS can be that forum!

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” — Frederick Douglass

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4 thoughts on “Grievances

  1. I like the philosophy. What does the first sentence mean under: “Make the focus on our minds, not our behinds.”

    1. When written, it was a commentary on the youth fashion where our clothing emphasized our buttocks, as common with young women and now fashionable with young men. The latter phenomenon is known as “Saggin'” which spelled backwards is . . ..

      It’s known that “Saggin'” is a prison culture phenomenon, made for easy-homosexual access.

      The dressing for abuse comment relates with the sexual abuse implicit in prison sexuality (for males) and brothel sexuality (for females.)

      Fashion is dressing for work: For young women, they dress to become eventual prostitutes. For young men, they dress to become eventual prisoners. It’s something to act against though such is difficult.

      1. European culture deludes our youth to choose to empty their front pockets to dress for abuse their back pockets. What does this sentence mean?

      2. I’ll try to explain all of the elements in that sentence. I tried to compress a lot of information in order to make the whole sheet one printable page. A lot was cut off.

        “European Culture” suggests that it’s not “African culture” that determines this behavior.

        “Deludes our youth” suggests that the young people are falling for a trick.

        “Choose to empty” suggests that we voluntarily ‘finance our own oppression.’

        “their front pockets” suggests where we keep our money–where our wallets are.

        “dress for abuse” suggests that the fashion is self-deprecating and inviting of unwelcomed attention and/or victimization

        “their back pockets” suggests where their butt is–a sexual reference.

        Together, it’s “Europeans lie to our youth that it is fashionable to spend their wages on appearing sexually available.”

        This is probably more concise, though it’s less ‘poetic.’ And you know that I like my poetry. :)

        I hope that this helps. Keep asking until it does.

        Always good to hear from you,

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