Play: Inevitable Daughter — Act 2-3

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Inevitable Daughter Act 2-3
An African Blood Siblings Play

Character: Nigeria, Isiah [and 2 offscreen voices]
Setting: Hideout (white sheet on the floor and floral sheet on top)

(Nigeria is on top of and pinning down a wincing Isiah under sheets then rolls off breathing heavily)

Nigeria: That was great!
Isiah: I didn’t want that.
Nigeria: Man up. Men are supposed to like it.
(Nigeria puts on her pants from under the cover)
Isiah: I didn’t want that.
Nigeria: Whatever, it’s done now.
Isiah: How could you?
(Isiah begins to cry)
Nigeria: Man up.
Isiah: I am a man. I didn’t want that. You said we would only cuddle. You said you wouldn’t be suspected. You said we wouldn’t be poor. You said we wouldn’t be caught. You said you love me.
Nigeria: We’re not caught yet.
Isiah: We’re in an abandoned building and the White people, police and volunteer, are searching everywhere. On top of this, you couldn’t listen to me. I said “stop,” I said “no,” you just held me down and–
Nigeria: Man up. You know you liked it.
(Isiah sobs)
Isiah: I love you Nigeria! Why are you putting me through this? Why are you hurting me?
Nigeria: Don’t you ever say I hurt you. I’ll never hurt you.
Isiah: You just did. Don’t you love me?
Nigeria: Of course I do. Why do you keep asking me that?
Isiah: You killed that White boy for trying to do what you just did to me!
Nigeria: No, I denied that White boy for you.
Isiah: You hurt me, Nigeria.
Nigeria: You think I want to be in an abandoned building, blasted all over the news, labeled as a murderer, freezing with my boyfriend who is accusing our night together as another crime?
Isiah: It was a crime. I told you “No!,” you held me down, you hurt me!
(Voices are heard from the background)
Nigeria: Hush up, cry baby. I hear something.
Voice 1 (offscreen): That Nigeria, she’s causing a lot of trouble. Why can’t she surrender? The Whites are beating us left and right.
Voice 2 (offscreen): I hope that they don’t find her. I’m on her side. Someone needs to kill a White boy. I wish I had her courage.
Voice 1 (offscreen): I’m not behind her one bit. If I saw her, I’d collect that reward, no questions asked.
Voice 2 (offscreen): We need more racial solidarity, I think. We’re being dominated and we’re allowing it. You never saw roams of Black folk walking through White neighborhoods asking for their killers.
Voice 1 (offscreen): Well, that’s ’cause their killers all dress in blue.
Voice 2 (offscreen): (Laughing) That’s half true. Some of them dress in plain clothes too!
(The two laugh)
Voice 1 (offscreen): Do you hear that?
Voice 2 (offscreen): The “killers” are here again.
Voice 1 (offscreen): Quiet a bit.
Voice 2 (offscreen): I sure hope that girl is far away.
Nigeria: Do you hear that Isiah?
(Nigeria lightly pushes Isiah)
Nigeria: He must be asleep.
(Nigeria pulls the cover over his head)
Nigeria: Sorry Isiah, you are slowing me down.
(Nigeria fires into the sheets)
(Isiah slumps over)
Voice 1 (offscreen): They are shooting.
Voice 2 (offscreen): For 400 years now! Name me a Black man not dodging bullets and I’ll show you his grave.
(The two laugh)
(Footsteps are heard)
Nigeria: I have to get out of here.
(Nigeria exits right)
Voice 2 (offscreen): They on their way. Act scared.
Voice 1 (offscreen): Who’s acting?
Voice 2 (offscreen): “We wear the mask that grins and lies.” — Paul Laurence Dunbar
Voice 1 (offscreen): Oh that acting!
(The two laugh)
(Isiah’s head turns back up and he pulls down the sheet)
Isiah: I loved you, Nigeria. You killed me, yet I loved you.
(Isiah slumps over again)
Voice 1 (offscreen): You heard the gunshot. You think they shot anyone?
Voice 2 (offscreen): Yes. But I don’t think they think they shot anyone.
(The two laugh)
Voice 1 (offscreen): Why are we laughing at that?
Voice 2 (offscreen): “We wear the mask that grins and lies.”
Voice 1 (offscreen): “We wear the mask that grins and lies.”

(Scene end)

(Mrs. Thompson and Judge Tom block the stage with the black sheet to signify a scene change)

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