Does Rwanda need an Ice Cream Shop?

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“No European is qualified to educate African people.” — Onitaset Kumat

It’s our duty to spread this message to our people, because of all the myths we learn, this is among the most devastating.

Nearly every month, the Brooklyn Museum hosts a social called “First Saturday.”  It’s well attended by African people, think in the thousands.  A friend showed me it’s scheduled lecture:

Lecture  6 p.m. Blue Marble Ice Cream’s Alexis Miesen and Jennie Dundas speak about their nonprofit, Blue Marble Dreams, which has helped eleven Rwandan women open their country’s first ice cream shop. Free tickets available at the Visitor Center at 5 p.m.

This begs the opening question, “Does Rwanda need an Ice Cream Shop?,” and informs on a plethora of issues, especially whether European people are suitable for us.

Below, I answer the question with an enlightening reflection.  I also appeal to your support for getting Rwanda, Africa and African people worldwide, what we need.

Pass the message on, read it to a loved one, and write comments to me.  For all their failures, these women were able to raise $80,000 for an ice cream shop; with your support, we can raise millions for whole communities.  Just put your faith here.  Write the ABS about helping to build an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  What Rwanda and your land needs.  Subscribe, share, love.

The article:

Does Rwanda need an Ice Cream Shop?
By Onitaset Kumat

 I have never heard a respectable European. Though I have listened to and read many and sometimes observed a semblance of goodwill from a few, oftentimes they are the most unintelligent or incompatible auditors and writers I have ever experienced.

The misfortune in the life of Africans, like you or I, is the influence that Europeans command. Because most of us, through Occidental education, are duped into conceiving Europeans as intelligent! But for the most part, we’ll never come across a European who understands context. No matter the “scholar,” for instance, Europeans will always be specialists. So their greatest Sociologists won’t understand Psychology and definitely won’t understand Physics. Therefore, they conceive beliefs of physical contributions to the sociology of a group as “pseudo-science.” Meanwhile, the solar contributions to the well-being of society is common knowledge in African communities! History students can not deny this! And this is not a coincidental connection of sciences–African people widely pay attention to the river and wind systems, and nature proper, to fathom how they organize their Communities. It is known that Europeans do not! They do not care for context–this explains why “White Americans” object to the name “Europeans” even though, in global contexts, they are not “Americans.”

Once, while I stood in a Black Bookstore in Bed-Stuy, a European woman entered the space honoring our ancestors to ask where we put our fliers. She then lectured us on how the cats of Bed-Stuy aren’t neutered enough and thus many stray, homeless cats are in the neighborhood. She proceeded to ask for support for the clinic she runs that neuter cats and feeds stays. Admittedly, this isn’t ignoble and certainly has its goodwill but it’s unintelligent and ignorant of the context. Bed-Stuy has “stray,” homeless people! In addition, she asked for donations to homeless cats in a Black Bookstore. Truly, it’s understood that Europeans do not respect African people, and it’s understood that they view us as property below even their animals, so really, as an Occidental, she did nothing wrong. Yet, there is wrong here: We listen to them and we let them preach to us. No European is qualified to educate African people. Yet Europeans direct our schools. What’s more, after I ask young people to subscribe to this newsletter, many young people ask whether they are old enough as if I, Onitaset Kumat, am less qualified than their European teachers, though any regular reader knows I’m more intelligent than any and every European teacher.

On the headline’s topic, Rwandan Ice Cream, we have another example concerning the European’s ignorance of context. In 2008, a European woman owning a Brooklyn ice cream shop met with a Rwandan drummer. He told her that in 1994, a genocide killed 800,000 people in Rwanda. He probably didn’t explain that Europeans manufactured that genocide. Regardless, upon hearing this, being the specialist that she is, she decided to build an ice cream shop in Rwanda! This is not a joke. This European effort raised $80,000 to explore “ice cream’s potential to inspire joy and spur economic growth.”

Now, I understand Europeans. I do. This is why I write what I did. And what I understand, that you will understand, is that they are unfit for us, and we must separate. They are corrupting us. Because you know for a fact that some of the money raised came from African people. And seeing how there are 11 women in Rwanda running an ice cream shop, we know that they are corrupting our people.

To get into it, the saddest things about this story is how easy it is to go corrupt our people, and how little resistance/intelligence we ourselves put up. For some of us don’t yet see anything wrong with building a woman-run ice cream shop in a Rwandan village. Because we were so mis-educated by the Occidental that we don’t realize that an ice cream shop will neither improve nor liberate African people. We are, especially our most “educated,” baffled as to whether there are better alternatives. That’s what corruption does!

However the African Blood Siblings has two words: Public Utilities. Rwanda needs public utilities. Therein is more employment and therein is more social welfare. Thereby you should support the African Blood Siblings and speak about me, Onitaset Kumat. The African Blood Siblings alone promotes Public Utilities!  Thus, we need to promote this intelligent leadership and this impeccable sense of intelligent organization.  Under the African Blood Siblings, we need to raise money to fund public utilities on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Meaning, with funding, the African Blood Siblings can raise up Water Filtration Plants and our own systems of transportation to ensure our people can sustain healthy communities.  These are the ambitions of a true organization.

This Europeans do not understand and do not want you to understand. Read this newsletter religiously. Follow this site right now. Make a statement toward your liberation. Because your death and ignorance is their ambition!

Does Rwanda need an Ice Cream shop? No. We need to support African organizations to create Prosperous, Independent African Communities!  We need to support the African Blood Siblings.

Pass on this message.

4 thoughts on “Does Rwanda need an Ice Cream Shop?

  1. Onitaset,
    The influence of Europeans in Africa( and other countries for that matter ) have revealed themselves to be most detrimental. I’m writing a post on “black on black” crime…I only began to learn about our history, the real kind, when I did my own research regarding our plight. The way that the school systems are funded and operated is designed to keep us at a certain level. That’s why any proof of white Supremacy is omitted or cleverly hidden from text books.

    I’ve always believed that your peers, if properly educated, are the best resources to teach and enlighten our people. But remember that education and its supremacist system is run by those with an outstanding amount of money. So their tales become our tales, their opinions become our “facts”. That’s one of the reasons why so many black youths do so poorly in school.

    The only way for us as coloureds to break this cycle is to have the monetary means to educate and govern ourselves.

    1. Sister Truthbetold,

      I appreciate your comment, scholarship and commitment.

      “Without struggle there is no progress.” — Frederick Douglass.

      However, ‘struggle’ needed to be defined. There’s a science to it: Listening and Making Whom You Listen to Listen in order to Create.” See:

      Our people have the economic means:

      We need the economic will. That’s where your struggle is.

      When we were segregated, on inferior salaries, we not only taught great minds but we built superior libraries. Du Bois taught in one-room schools. Dr. Clarke learned in one-room schools.

      Though we are not wealthy, we have living rooms and dining rooms. It is up to the bold amongst us to take our Televisions from our living rooms and allow children to study toward a greater collective consciousness and social awareness.

      We can have our own schools: We had even libraries with less.

      But many of us are not willing to Create and many of us are not willing to Listen.

      Sister Truthbetold, I’ll await your report. But in addition to your writing, please consider rallying a small team of African people who will create a local Community Center where our your local economy can be planned, your after school programs can be handled, and your socials can be held.

      In that effort toward progress. You will give more honors to our race.

      Information on small teams is written here:

      Thanks again for your comment, scholarship and commitment,


  2. indeed, I even think back to Asa Hilliard discussing the state of African education, and remarking that there is a serious need for education to occur, to begin with, and for this process to take place outside of these western institutions.

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