The Allegory of the African Frankenstein

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“All is within yourself. Know your most inward self and look for what corresponds with it in nature.” — African Proverb

African, what corresponds with your most inward self is African Knowledge, Wisdom and Love. These are the Weapons the African Blood Siblings uses to create Prosperous, Independent African Communities at home and abroad. However, our Race has traitors, Brothers and Sisters corrupted by the European or Asian to hinder our Race’s Civilization. What can we do? The 1931 film “Frankenstein” has a suggestion. Please assist the African Blood Siblings. We accept donations and we accept recruits.

The Allegory of the African Frankenstein
By Onitaset Kumat

Throughout History, the European created “African traitors.” How should we respond? The 1931 film “Frankenstein” enlightens how we do. In the film, Heinrich Frankenstein creates a monster. Within days, the monster kills three people. After his fourth attempt, three mobs are formed, one led by Heinrich himself, to seek “Justice.” Following his sixth attempt, on Heinrich this time, the monster is killed. However, Heinrich remains at large and so do the records of his experiment. Should anyone choose to, the monster can be recreated. This is similar to our treatment of “African traitors.” We admit that the European creates the African traitor, however seeing the damage that the traitor does, we seek to kill our own Sibling sometimes even in collaboration with our enemy, the European, and always while leaving our enemy unharmed and his ability to create another traitor unchecked.

Born into a world of rival Races we must wage War. But our enemies are the Europeans and the Asians, not the Africans. Yet, in the film, as in real-life, we often wage War against our Siblings, the “African traitor,” the monster. After all, who is the more direct threat, we wonder? Did not the monster kill three and attempt to kill three more? Did not an African man named Tyler at the employment of the European Edwin P. Kilroe (then an Assistant District Attorny in New York) walk into Marcus Garvey’s office in October, 1919 and fire four shots at Marcus Garvey, two hitting him, nearly ending the UNIA before its peak? Did not African men walk into Malcolm X’s Organization to kill him? Did not African men throw tomatoes at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he was in New York? Did not African Brothers and Sisters go to the European or Asian’s store when you tried to put up an African Business in our communities? Did not Africans kill Patrice Lumumba and rule the Congo with an iron fist? Aren’t there African leaders who siphon money from our people and allow for foreign exploitation?

Aren’t the traitors the evident threat and isn’t it through removing them that we will be safe? Isn’t it right to kill the monster, formed from your flesh and blood, who shares your Ancestors and your Descendents? Aren’t Africans our real enemies? Shouldn’t we engage in a self-cleansing; a genocide of ourselves? Aren’t Africans the problem? As you noticed from the last five questions, the conclusions drawn from focusing on traitors leads us down self-destruction, self-hate, self-genocide.

Of course we must protect ourselves but never can another African be our enemy. For every living being can gain “Knowledge of Self,” and no being with “Knowledge of Self” can be its own enemy. In this respect, no African can be our enemy and every African can join forces with us. The monster in “Frankenstein” gained “Knowledge of Self” and through this he went on his killing spree. The film explicitly states this: His brain was an “abnormal,” criminal brain. However the film also implicitly shows this: The monster was a European, a people whose “Knowledge of Self” has caused killing sprees, genocides, and criminal acts the world over. African Traitors are harmful to our people but entirely due “Ignorance of Self.” As a Core Tenet states, Knowledge is a weapon against Ignorance. Our people must focus on who the Enemy is and who the Problem is–Non-Africans. Of course we must protect ourselves from our Siblings who are “Ignorant of Self” but we can not label them enemies. Instead we must Wage War intelligently against our Enemies (Europeans and Asians.) It’s through this determination that we can service our Ancestors and our Descendants, the Unborn. After all, in the film, the Scientist directly creates the Monster but indirectly creates the Mob. If we fight amongst ourselves, this is a fight created by our Enemies to weaken us and perpetuate their Power over us. Knowledge, Wisdom and Love ought to be our only weapons against ourselves–the War must be reserved for our Enemies!

6 thoughts on “The Allegory of the African Frankenstein

  1. An excellent allegory depicting how the African traitor is made by our sworn enemy, but my brother, if you are going to use Frankenstein’s monster as a representation of the African traitor, then you must also include the fact that Frankenstein’s monster was given the ABNORMAL BRAIN of a EUROPEAN CRIMINAL and so the African traitor THINKS like an abnormal European criminal.

    Yes, the monster gained ‘Knowledge of Self’ it gained the knowledge that it was a criminal and it behaved as such by going on a murderous spree, taking the lives of innocents.

    So how can we say the African traitor is not our enemy when the African traitor has the MIND of our sworn ENEMY?

    1. Queen-Mother,

      A man can’t be judge of his neighbor’ intelligence. His own vital experience is never his neighbor’s.

      We were together in Africa creating Civilization. You were forced on a ship, I was forced on a ship, the European forced you to do X and forced me to do Y. You stopped doing X but see me doing Y. But when did I become your enemy? How are we allies in Africa but enemies in Europe when all of us lost Africa and all of us need to return to Africa?

      The film said the monster had an abnormal brain. But as we know, criminal behavior is not abnormal amongst European people. The monster was just a European. His Self-Knowledge as a European was what made him a Criminal, not his Criminal past. The European who committed genocides, orchestrated rapes, destroyed families, castrated men, impregnated children, and burned people did not do so out of a criminal mind but a European one.

      The monster were it African would not achieve an identical Self-Knowledge. The “African Traitor” then is Self-Ignorant. However, all can gain “Self-Knowledge.” Thereby we have a choice. Do we address Ignorance with Ignorance or do we address Ignorance with Knowledge? What will our self-destruction cause but self-destruction? And who designed the scheme? Isn’t the African Traitor employed so that we destroy ourselves? Doesn’t the European stay behind the scenes to cause division, confusion, distrust and internal warfare? Under whose direction must we abide? Our own of Civilization Creation or the European’s of Civilization Destruction? And ultimately, for whom are we creating Civilization? Awake Africans or All Africans?

  2. Definitely they’re is traitors among us.
    I have reflected innumerable times of the ills of history and the malicious attack on brother Malcolm x and marcus garvey.

    It is my disposition that I have spoken and acted in activism in rational fashions to bring international relations and allied states and countries under an umbrella of resources high military science and strategy in the air ground and regiments wepontry and ancient contributions as ivan sertima jhon henry clark have prompted and many more the judicial and independent federal governance in regions that are willing or hot in civil discord is important.
    Food markets water piping systems are needed space programs excellerated USA cities are industralized and monterized by international bilderberg and private unions we can surpass the functionality of the disparitys here and still have a copestetic relationship interim and international regencies for african scientific developments medicines and martials for intercepts.

    1. King,

      A phenomenon always arises from the interaction of complementary. If you want something look for the complement that will elicit it. Set causes Horus. Horus redeems Set.

      The monster in “Frankenstein” arises from the Scientist’s proclivities. The mob arises from the monster’s. Every phenomenon has its complement.

      Regarding African Traitors, they are from White Power’s proclivities. Our response arises from them. White Power prefers we challenge traitors rather than form Black Power. It’s Black Power, or the removal of White Power, which can defeat African Traitors at the source. We can cut the branches or the roots; we can stop the effect or the cause. I do not doubt traitors. I only focus on the real enemies.

      HTP (Peace)

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