The Allegory of the Life Preservers

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Know Thyself, Be Thyself, Complete Thyself.” — Onitaset Kumat

It is critical for one on a boat bound for descent to suit herself and her family in a life preserver and when her people are safely equipped escape as a group. This is leadership. When one is unaware of the preservers or how to survive or escape as a group, then one needs to develop those qualities first and foremost. As African-Nationalist we tend to assume we have time before the boat descends. But it is sinking now. Self-Development and Organization-Seeking will Liberate us. Endeavors to the contrary are glorified Enslavement.

The Allegory of the Life Preservers
By Onitaset Kumat

I once observed a terrible tragedy. I was on a steamship cruising into the Caribbean when the boat was hit by rocket and a group of pirates rushed aboard. It was a hideous assembly: White men with semi-automatic weapons, military-grade grenade launchers and a penchant for foul language. I was one of the few calm passengers. Understanding the European to be a wretch whether he be prince or pauper, I merely treated them as I treat most, hiding my true intentions and looking out for my people.

After the initial attack, ripe with explosions, blood, and screams, the staff, crew and several passengers were slaughtered, thereby the pirate translator informed us that we are on our own regarding survival. The pirates then departed, as the ship descended rapidly with water rushing into every observable cabin.

I looked to my fellow African passengers, six including me, and informed each to follow me. I lead us into the life preserver room, wherein I put one on my person, gave one to my wife and told the other four to suit up and get out.

The tragedy was not the aforementioned assault by Europeans, for that’s a daily occurrence for most Africans. The tragedy is that one African hollered to the other Europeans that we found life preservers and took it upon himself to make sure everyone had a suit–there were 300 passengers and 200 suits. Needless to say, five Africans survived the attack and only one-hundred passengers survived. I imagine 300 Europeans fighting for 200 suits created conflict–keyword ‘Europeans.’

I had time to reflect on the situation and I found it’s lesson relevant to the daily experiences of African-Nationalists. We think we have time. Time is not a given. Time is earned. When an African can save himself he can save other Africans. Not before–keyword ‘Africans.’

I think of “Knowledge of Self” and the time we spend “teaching” without “doing.” The lack of “doing” will destroy us when “doing’s” time comes. For instance, tons of African-Nationalist youth scream endlessly on African Financial Independence, yet when they run their course of screaming they themselves are paycheck to paycheck. It must be advised, following the recruitment of a team, an African-Nationalist must become Prosperous, Independent and Communal. Outside of this the rhetoric is sonorous self-destruction.

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