Is the chicken that you eat chicken or pork?

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“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

Today’s article discusses something quite sick: false meat. It informs you that we need to have our own grocery store for the purpose of not treating ourselves as sacks of money, but people with health concerns. The African Blood Siblings encourages boycotts in Black communities to raise our health standard. We build African Blood Siblings Community Centers to raise local consciousness to Truth, Justice and Quality. Write for more information.

Is the chicken you eat chicken or pork?
By Onitaset Kumat

Synopsis and Commentary:

Is the chicken that you eat chicken or pork?  I would not normally post on this topic, yet it’s interesting enough.  This BBC report in investigating the meat industry and its tricks of the trade should after ten minutes inform you to do one thing: Maroon!  As far as how the report presents itself, it first explains that an old trick in the meat industry is adding water to the product, thus increasing volume and weight hence increasing company profits.  Then more cunning ways, according to the head of food authenticity, came about.  Supposedly, needle injections can double the size of chicken breasts, making the substance mushy and weak (30% water): this meat is common in restaurants.  The means toward holding this water is protein powder: made of animal skin and bone–where the powder is most cheap for pork and beef.  Guess which they use for the chicken?  It’s legal to use any so long as its labeled.  But here’s where it gets worse: protein suppliers  genetically modify the powders to mask the unmatching DNA, therefore allowing manufacturers to bypass labeling the different meats.  These are called PCR-negative proteins, no animal species are detectable in this protein.  Or so the fraudsters thought until archeological techniques developed to a stage of doing just that: identifying animals by their protein rather than DNA.  So the BBC tests wholesale meats.  The proteins were mammalian, though chicken isn’t a mammal.  BBC then talks with Euro Foods, which supplies 70 million pounds of meat, typically to Indian Restaurants.  Its Managing Director says that he’s shocked seeing how his supplier writes frequently to the purity of their proteins.  He reports to have changed his supplier.  The Food Standard Agency has been looking into the beef/pork mixed chicken.  It appears that Halal chicken in England also has this mix going on, despite that Halal is supposed to be more pure.  All in all, some advocate that it’s not unsafe, yet there’s something to the deliberate deception of consumers solely for the sake of profit.  It’s a habit of Occidentals: African people need to Maroon.  It’s plain bizarre to us even the idea of artificially increasing the volume of a chicken, let alone putting other animal proteins to hold that water in.  Maroon!

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