The First Three Stages of Warfare (according to Alton H. Maddox, Jr., Attorney-at-War)

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Warfare starts with a recruitment of people and ends with an exposure to the enemy. Somehow we don’t recruit, arm, organize, train, lodge, etc; but we’re shocked that our exposure is to our demise.” — Onitaset Kumat

On March 6th and March 11th Alton H. Maddox, Jr released two articles, both expressing the first three stages of warfare. The former stated propaganda, sanctions and bargaining. The latter stated propaganda, “legal cheese”, and Head Negro in Charge (HNIC). This can be confusing but both are conceptually astute. The latter of course specifies the former. I.e. propaganda matches propaganda, sanctions match legal cheese and bargaining matches HNIC. It’s because we as a people lack propaganda, sanctions and negotiations that we are faced with their propaganda, their legal cheese and their HNICs. The war is upon us. Yet we chalk up our defeated position to ourselves. True, we err in our war strategy; but it is false that self-criticism is a viable territory for warfare. These are the first three stages. Let them guide us to Organization.

Freedom: “Business” with “Glue” ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

             Last night, members of the Steering Committee of the Freedom Party met at the Freedom Party headquarters in Brooklyn.  The attendance was not one hundred percent, however, because some of the members treat “freedom” as a hobby and not as a business.  After four hundred years of colonialism and slavery, Blacks need a mission statement.

With respect to business, our ancestor, President Calvin Coolidge, said it best:  “The business of America is business”.  Of course, business has to be defined in terms of philosophy.  This calls for “fighting fire with fire”.  The foundation for white supremacy rests on the acronym “HELP”.

While some absent members of the Freedom Party treat freedom as a hobby, all whites including “gays” and “straights” treat freedom as a serious business.  Straights and gays are on the same page.  Like straights, gays will win “by any means necessary”.  They all operate by the same play book that is based on “military science”.  Unlike Blacks, whites, individually, enjoy common law rights.  Blacks only enjoy civil rights.

I will only list the first three stages of military warfare.  The first stage is propaganda as Dr. Carter G. Woodson said, “if you control a man’s thinking, you control his actions”.   This accounts for the unlimited and unreviewable budget in the Central Intelligence Agency.

The second stage of warfare is sanctions which must always be on the table.  Whites will never finance our freedom. Instead, they entice the oppressed to finance their own oppression.  Blacks, at most, only spend five cents out of every dollar within their own community.  This has caused a serious trade imbalance.  Protectionism has gone awry.  Economically, Blacks are seeking “blood transfusions” to survive.

After the United States expressed opposition to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, these are some of the headlines which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 4, 2014:

1.  “Russian Markets Shudder under Threat of Sanctions” by Greg White, Laurence Norman and Audrey Ostruukh (article)

2.  “The Economic Levers that Might Stop Putin” by Robert M. Kimmitt and Stephen A. Myrow (op-ed)

3.  “Putin’s Achilles’ Heel” (editorial)

The third stage of warfare is the establishment of a “bargaining table”.  This is the “end zone” of football. Whites can act out all military strategies and tactics on the football field.  Black football players, on the other hand, are political pawns”.  This is why the quarterback position is the last, prized possession for whites.

The winning team performs its “victory dance” in its end zone.  There are exceptions to the rule, however.  The Compromise of 1877 is an example.  The South lost the war on the battlefield but won it at the “bargaining table”.  This Compromise must be understood by all Blacks. While racial atrocities are being practiced on Blacks, President Barack Obama must treat them as “aliens”.

At the end of the Civil War, and after the Compromise of 1877, Blacks enjoyed no rights of federalism.  They had to suffer states rights.  These limitations were explained in the Slaughterhouse Cases.  The federal government would take a hands-off approach.  This means that the federal government will only give a “wink” to the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand”.  It never did and it never will”.  This is a wise saying of our revered ancestor, Frederick Douglass.  It means that once a war has been declared, pro or con, there must be a demand on the “bargaining table”.  This rule has no exceptions.

Amid the Trayvon Martin imbroglio, Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson made a visit to the battlefield to assure white supremacists that Blacks will be drinking Jim Jones Kool-Aid in the end zone after the jury rendered its verdict.  Despite racial injustices, racial harmony must be preserved at all costs.

In the United States, the First Amendment requires a “separation of church and state”.  This means that only “militant” preachers will defy the tenets of white supremacy.  Most preachers will respect its boundaries.  These preachers head 501 (c) (3) organizations and they embrace the faith-based initiative (FBI).

To wage war against white supremacy, Blacks must know the “rules of engagement” and be able to implement them.  This is why the Ku Klux Klan was founded in a Tennessee law office in December 1865.   The acquisition of legal literature is absolutely essential.  There is a reason why “public, law libraries” are missing from the Black community.  Blacks must never attempt to enforce the Declaration of Independence.

The sine qua non of slavery is the lack of bargaining.  Negotiations can never happen between the oppressed and the oppressor until the oppressed understand the symbiotic relationship with the oppressor and the need for a political party.  The oppressed must never be afraid to exercise leverage against the oppressor.

There must be the perpetual existence of a demand on the bargaining table.  It is not enough to simply criticize the terms of an offer.  There must be a counter-offer.  Blacks are good at criticizing an offer without manufacturing an alleged, improved proposal.  A vociferous critic without a constructive proposal can kill a movement.  Only a political party can engage in negotiations.  The following formulas and the absence of negotiations explain our condition.

Manumission – Negotiations = Slavery

“Plea Bargaining” – Negotiations = Slavery

Voting – Negotiations = Slavery

Investors are absolutely essential to the mounting and maintenance of a business operation.  Unlike a donor, an investor is willing to risk his or her shirt in the cause of freedom.  Social parasites should be fitted in strait-jackets.  An investor respects the words of our ancestor, President Thomas Jefferson:  “The Cost of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance”.  [Emphasis supplied]

Racial Warfare:  Whose Fight? ©
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

The ultimate objective of any military operation is to seize a people without firing a shot.  The first stage of warfare is propaganda.  A people, who recognize that they are in a war, would establish a battlefield at the Federal Communications Commission in addition to owning newspapers with a “military” bent.

The second stage of warfare is to seize a people who lack legal and political representation and to employ “legal cheese” to lure unsuspecting Blacks into mousetraps.  These “prisoners of war” are housed in the prison-industrial complex without any semblance of due process and equal protection of the laws.

The third stage of warfare is to create an office of “Head Negro in Charge” to round up all of the remaining “free” Blacks.  The primary tools are censorship and sedition.  These tools will remove all fangs from unruly Blacks.  This would make this group harmless.  Saboteurs and snitches also play meaningful roles in causing racial submissions.

When I first met Mayor Chokwe Lumumba in 1981, I knew that whites had a plan to co-opt him.  They would use Black lawyers to escort him into a mousetrap of white lawyers.  I followed him into the mousetrap.  This was a risk to me and to Lumumba.  I stepped forward, at the last moment, to stop these white lawyers from delivering the final blow.

This was the scene at the offices of the NYCLU.  These white lawyers wanted Lumumba to prove that he was not a “terrorist” by wrapping himself in the American flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  Blacks had already demonstrated their patriotism by initiating the American Revolution.  There is a statue of Crispus Attucks in the Boston Commons.  This should have been highlighted in Lumumba’s obituary.

If Lumumba had stayed in the mousetrap and had accepted the offer of white lawyers to represent him in a pro hac vice proceeding, it would have left a “terrorist” cloud hanging over his head.  Their recipe was to create a “Don King”.  This would not fly with the Republic of New Afrika.  It would have placed all “freedom fighters” at risk.

Attorney Lumumba was at a critical juncture of his legal career.  The rest of his legal career would have come to a screeching halt if he had submitted to white liberals at the beginning of his promising legal career.  The Freedom Journal summed it up in 1827 as follows:  “We wish to plead our own cause.  Too long have other spoken for us”.  Nothing has changed since 1827.  See the Democratic Party and the NAACP.

Black lawyers had already surrendered to white supremacists by raising the white flag.  This was an act of treason.  White lawyers would be solicited to fight our fight.  No race will ever be respected if it must rely on another race to fight its fight.  Blacks refuse to recognize this military principle.  Our next destination should be back to the plantation.


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