The Allegory of the Three Salesman

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Qualities of a moral order are measured by deeds.” — Onitaset Kumat

Some attests to “love” but have excuses for action.  Come.  There’s no “love” that holds excuses.  Below is the story of three salesman and myself.  It’s an actual display of “love.”  Your “love” can be displayed here on the ABS.  Write us about building an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Allegory of the Three Salesman
By Onitaset Kumat

Sometimes patience will bring lessons.  My lesson came in the form of three men.  One Black, one White and one Colored[1].

They were each salespeople.  And in this Western materialist tradition, also known as Occidentalism, each had an odious role.

It all started when seated with the three men for a concert.  I put too much importance on colour and not enough on Philosophy; for friendly with the Black and Colored person, I pointed out an African Queen, and there unfold a story of our race.

I looked to the Black man.  “Brother, ain’t she a fox?”

He smiled and nodded as expected.  Then he surprised by asking the White man whether the White man would approve of that woman.

I kept quiet.  After all, these three are friends, no?

The White man looked me in the eyes and said “Isn’t this guy great?”

We were quiet.

Then the Colored man spoke up: “I’ll go talk to her.”

I thought him bold.  This woman was like the roses in a field–to admire not touch; but he rose and spoke with her.

He pointed back to our table and I was making every preparation to receive this woman properly.

But when she came, she introduced herself first to the White man, whom she now has heard much about, and the Colored man, removed from a seat, let this Queen and this White man speak privately in his space.  The White man occasionally slipped a smile my way to say “Aren’t these guys great?”

Irritated, I spoke ill of each present man and warned the woman away from these men.

“Black salesman, you are without shame!  You give to this White your women to destroy your own race.  You have no shame.  Like the fools of hip hop, you instruct your Sisters to shake for the White man that he may harm and rape her and you never raise to her defense.  You are a plight upon our race.

“Colored Salesman, you disgust me!  You tell the Black woman, your mother, to take into her arms this White man.  You appear before her as ‘Black’ and convince her that the rapist that is this White man will do right by her though he has destroyed her.  You are crafty.  You take pride in the rape of your mother from your father and you will as he wills.  To destroy all Blacks.  I never wish to hear from you.  As the Colored President sells White corporate legislations to Africans in America to destroy them, you Colored salesman sell Whites to African women to destroy them.  I am finished with your company.

“White Salesman, you are the worst of them all.  You have set these two, Black and Colored, to hook you to this African Queen.  You do this in order to destroy our race.  You do this out of hatred.  You do this out of a sick fetish of yours.  And you do this by selling to other Africans these Black and Colored salesman.  You tell African men like myself that these Black and Colored salespeople represent me, when their sole purpose is to have me weaken my resolve to protect my women.  You are a monster.  Crafty–of course–but a monster.

“Finally, African Queen, I apologize for our race.  We have been tricked by the European.  He has lied to us of his unattraction to you; though he has named California and Paris after you.  In the former, he has left fame and fortune to see you–his whole family abandoned to glimpse your grandeur.  I apologize for forgetting how he raped you.  I apologize for this ignorance as it is seen in our different complexions how he has poisoned our blood stream.  Please forgive us.  But in your forgiveness, please take us in again and leave this European.  He will cause nothing short of misery.  And your blood will be poisoned for generations to come.  I love you.  Please protect yourself when I fail to.”

From there, the African Queen blushed and removed herself from the party.  The three men looked upon me with enmity.  I did not mind.  I did my good deed.  And though it was nighttime, the Sun did shine on me.

Lessons are: Speak up, African man, and protect your women even if the folk whom look like you will not; for the White man has a game for her and will, if allowed, destroy her.

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[1] Mixed between Black and White.  See the above posts.

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