Fable: The God-fearing Hunter

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

This fable relates to an incident long, long ago, but also to the spiritual systems of today where ‘fear’ of God is seen as a badge of honor.  Read it.  Then consider to yourself how important a space all our own to forge our own international destiny according to our ancient means is.  Write the ABS for details on building an African Blood Siblings Community Center.

Fable: The God-fearing Hunter
By Onitaset Kumat

My blessed, beautiful siblings, I want to tell you of “The God-fearing Hunter” I knew, when I was spiritually younger, but physically older.

At this point in human history, there were not many of us, and God, whom we called “Amon,” hunted alongside us, always the most perfect expression of love for our emulation.  With God by our side, we hunted whom he informed us we were ready to hunt and we ate plentifully.  All of us except Patrama Hudental.

“Amon,” spoke a majestic deer holding her pierced child, “Why is my child shot by an arrow?  She was not ready to play ‘hunt’ with men.”

God answered, “My child, Patrama Hudental had shot this deer.  He hunts alone.  Follow Onitaset Kumat, you shall see why.”

At that this deer left her child with God, and took my side.  She told me to lead then spoke the puzzlement I already read on her face: “Why would a man hunt alone?”

“There can be no good reason” I assured.

As we walked farther, we saw Patrama Hudental’s outline.  He chanted “Forgive me” with his eyes closed, not seeing or hearing God, myself or my deer companion.  We waited for his prayers to finish.

“Why do you pray out here rather than talk with God?” I asked.

Patrama Hudental jumped a-startled, “Is God here?”

I looked over to God and knew to not answer.  “I brought the mother of your latest hunt.”

Patrama Hudental told us that he was sorry.  He explained how he had not eaten for weeks and his hunt for other larger animals was not successful.  I rebutted that we ate plentifully and God told us whom to hunt, attacking, with this deer, his actions against this child.  Then he told me the worst thing I ever heard: “I fear God.”

From that I promised to return as the deer and I stepped away.  As we walked away in silence, the deer mother spoke up, “God is all-loving, to fear God is to fear love: love should be embraced not feared.  Woe to the world of men that one can preach such hatred.”

I responded: “Yes woe.  Those who fear God live miserably and bring havoc to others.”

2 thoughts on “Fable: The God-fearing Hunter

    1. Yes. We want to communicate to our race how not only are Europeans and Asians organized; they are organized with unethical political, economical and cultural interests. Most of us do not perceive their deliberate organization or that theirs are antithetical interests and that elaborates on why ours must be an organized and ethical struggle. We have much to do, and bless our ancestors that our nature allows us to do it all. We understand to embrace God, to see God with open eyes, to do according the cosmic rhythm. However, as long as we permit another people to misorganize us into ‘fearing’ God, praying with closed eyes and assaulting the world by their cacophonous rhythm, we permit that organized people to profit from our extinction and exploitation. There is a struggle and no one struggled enough until ours are a liberated people!

      Spread the Struggle!

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