The Allegory of the Hungry Beggar

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“We are Black people with white belts fighting White people with black belts.” — Onitaset Kumat, below

To the unfamiliar, the black belt system is a relatively modern one. In the modern lingo, the black belt references the highest rung of a martial artist and the white belt references the lowest. Usually, within the discipline, the black belt beats the white belt every time. This is the interracial situation of African people. We are white belts with no aim of achieving greater martial prowess. Those who will read this need to make a choice: follow new leadership or beg for mercy from stronger enemies.

The Allegory of the Hungry Beggar
By Onitaset Kumat

In a life or death struggle between a poisonous snake and the King of the Jungle, though the reptile is physically weaker she is not without her Power. The snake has its venom just as the Lion has her claws. When one speculates on the animal kingdom, even plant and cellular life, one realizes the Creator has endowed everything with talents and abilities or, said otherwise, the power to protect itself.

This endowment notwithstanding, the snake who relies on Lions to settle her disputes with Lions rather than relying on herself to settle her disagreements is a snake without a backbone, no pun intended. Yet as cowardly as a snake may seem in this scenario, the African, whose inherent talents and abilities approach the divine, is not only reliant on Europeans and Asians for her disputes outside of her race, but she is reliant on those races for her disputes within the race as well.

This makes our self-protection at its best novice-level. Yet insomuch as we let others develop their talents and abilities at our expense by allowing them to train with our affairs in addition to their own, their power to destroy us is refined to an advance state. We are Black people with white belts fighting White people with black belts, pun intended.

Naturally, for our misguided allowances, we have inherited a culture of surrender and defeat. When it comes to most fields of Knowledge, be they on African Self-Determination, Society, Production, Value, Identity, Sex or Asili, Europeans and Asians are recognized by Africans as authorities. The Creator did not make us in her image in order that we would rely on other Races for our Knowledge of Self. Let alone Races with which we have been at war from times immemorial.

Once during an attempt to recruit Africans I camped inside of a building in sight of a street beggar. His modus operandi was that of the “hungry beggar.” As men and women passed he asked whether any had food on them to give. I observed a woman hand him a large bag from McDonald’s and after she left, he hid the bag behind his back and continued begging. The man was not begging because he was hungry; rather he was hungry because he was begging.

As optimistic as I am to the prospect of African Liberation, I know African people have been oppressed into the status of beggars. The difference between the common worker and the common street beggar is one can claim a home. We beg Europeans and Asians for our survival, for generally neither food, clothing, shelter nor consciousness are developed by African choice and effort. We beg through our daily lives on most aspects of our lives. Even something as simple as marriage requires us to beg for a permit and license. We are enslaved. But like the beggar who does not beg because he is hungry; we do not beg because we are enslaved, we are enslaved because we beg.

In any combat situation where a white belt finds herself opposed by a black belt, if she has time for self-development her pursuits should be toward earning her black belt. Africans are outranked in the combat arts. Historically Hannibal surpassed Scipio, Toussaint defeated Napoleon and Cetawayo killed Prince Napoleon, Napoleon’s heir; these were Africans with black belts. These were Africans who fought with victory in mind. The tradition must not end.

Africans have the task of reacquiring their black belts before them. This is not done by begging. This is done by recognizing that beggars have never won a military engagement, and making the necessary efforts toward a different circumstance. We need to train ourselves and present to ourselves the opportunity for training. As long as we beg in any endeavor of our life, we fall far short of the King and Queen-Mother status of our foreparents. That we beg in every endeavor is a sign that new leadership is necessary.

Leadership like the African Blood Siblings.

4 thoughts on “The Allegory of the Hungry Beggar

  1. Until we organise and create training and development centres for both black men and black women from adolescent age upwards, we will continue to be grabbed and thrown around like rag dolls.

    The video bellow was filmed by a black male. It is watched by other black males… and yet not one of them intervenes. If it were the other way around and a black boy was manhandling a Mexican boy while surrounded by Mexicans, the black boy would not stand a chance of winning. We won’t fight back, because we don’t know how to.

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      If the Black kid were beating the Mexican kid in front of Black kids, the Black kids might intervene; we are so mis-organized.

      Yesterday, a soldier and I were recruiting, so I came upon a beautiful young Queen. I asked her if she was about “Black Unity” and she responded “All Humanity.” So I persisted, “But you care more about Melanated Humanity, right?” and she repeated “All Humanity.” I just walked away. Too many of us about “All Humanity” but for sure “All Humanity” ain’t about us!

      1. King

        Yes, I can well imagine the black kids intervening to stop a black kid beating up a Mexican kid. We don’t mind seeing our own people mistreated, but we have much sympathy for foreigners. Menticide affects us greatly.

        The Sista you came upon may indeed have been beautiful, but she was certainly no Queen. A Queen seeks to unify her OWN people. Black people who want Unity for ALL races have no love for their own race… they only have contempt for it, which is why they latch on to foreign races to become one with them. I say good riddance to bad blood.

      2. Queen-Mother,

        I am reminded of the other video of the homeless man who upon receiving a ‘winning’ immediately aims to share it with a foreigner. Some of our people act like children whom have no aspirations beyond the present. Here is where we fail. Without knowledge of others, we empower others and disempower ourselves.

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