Pre-Colonial (1790) Manufacture in Africa

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “If you want to keep something secret from black folks, put it between the covers of a book.” — African Proverb (America) While tanning leather in the open air, gun shots rang and my village went into a panic.  We were being invaded.  Brave drummers beat out the positionContinue reading “Pre-Colonial (1790) Manufacture in Africa”


Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “The artists, who used to make fine things, are all dead, without having taught any body to make more” — Adahoonzou, King of Dahomey Today’s article is deep.  Prepare yourself.  Subscribe loved ones to African Blood Siblings.  Write to build African Blood Siblings Community Centers to transform your communityContinue reading “REMARKABLE SPEECH OF ADAHOONZOU, KING OF DAHOMY”