Proverbs Used Within the Community About the Community

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love, Listen Seeker, I come in peace, “We are an African People Robbed from our Homeland Robbed of our Names Our Languages Our Cultures Our Religions  . . .” — Excerpt from “The African Affirmation” (see here) After sixteen weeks or two sessions of African Blood Siblings EmpowermentContinue reading “Proverbs Used Within the Community About the Community”

Proof to the Law of Morality

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “Morality is the use of ‘Military Capital’ against immorality, the use of ‘Military Capital’ in want of ‘Civil Capital.’”  — Onitaset Kumat The 100th article for the ABS Newsletter contains the above passage; the article is aptly named: Philosopher King Speaks on Morality The Root of All Ethics.  ThisContinue reading “Proof to the Law of Morality”

Onitaset Kumat is Wiser than the Wisest Europeans

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “People bring about their own undoing through their tongues.” — KMT Proverb I used to self-aggrandize with a Sister then nominally apologize.  She forgave me pointing out how it’s alright to toot one’s own horn.  It seems detestable to boast of one’s own wisdom, yet unlike many readers, IContinue reading “Onitaset Kumat is Wiser than the Wisest Europeans”

“What is Philosophy?” by Asar Imhotep

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “The Original is by nature a Philosopher.  This is historically seen in the Original’s endless re-creations of Original Civilizations.” — Onitaset Kumat Today’s article reminds you of your ancient love for nature.  It cites the following posts: [1] Join: The Units of Organization — Liberation Practice [2] Kmt Self-knowledgeContinue reading ““What is Philosophy?” by Asar Imhotep”