The Allegory of the Captive Lion

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “The doctrine that submission to violence is the best cure for violence did not hold good as between slaves and overseers. He was whipped oftener who was whipped easiest.” — Frederick Douglass The Psychology of the Overseer remains in tact. The usual victims of Europeans are conditioned to beContinue reading “The Allegory of the Captive Lion”

Dialogue Two of Five on Race: Oppression Defined

From Dialogue One of Five on Race: Culture Defined  — “Culture” Defined Onitaset Kumat:  Does oppression seem like a vile word? Knobeco: Absolutely. Onitaset Kumat:  To the dichotomy of “Oppressor” and “Oppressed,” does belong our people the latter? Knobeco:  So it is reasoned. Onitaset Kumat:  Thus, is “Oppression” altogether a disagreeable facet of a society?Continue reading “Dialogue Two of Five on Race: Oppression Defined”