The NOI and KKK Alliance (as told by Malcolm)

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love, Listen Seeker, I come in peace, “Peace is the fruit of activity, not of sleep.” — African Proverb Activity is most efficient Organized.  Even in the animal kingdom, the disorganized predator will have trouble with organized prey; yet we Africans are like disorganized prey against organizedContinue reading “The NOI and KKK Alliance (as told by Malcolm)”

Understanding Our Ecology with Malcolm X

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “Malcolm X Died Broke” — Amsterdam News The following excerpts are from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.”  I tried to limit them to economic concerns, but those who read or heard Malcolm X will understand why I didn’t crop his passages too much.  As such this is an incrediblyContinue reading “Understanding Our Ecology with Malcolm X”

What is the Tragedy of our Age? (Du Bois)

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat Above and below are separate conceptions. Du Bois did not recognize the truth printed above, so he made a different tragedy below. The ABS addresses both. The ABS is anContinue reading “What is the Tragedy of our Age? (Du Bois)”