Poem: “The Black Woman” by Marcus Garvey

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love, Listen Seeker, I come in peace, “The man who will not fight for the protection of his wife and children is a coward and deserves to be ill treated. The man who takes his life in his hand and stands up for what he knows toContinue reading “Poem: “The Black Woman” by Marcus Garvey”

African Empowerment Program: Weekly Discussion Groups

Listen Seeker, I come in peace, “Seek Africans and Develop Loving Africans.” — Onitaset Kumat African Empowerment must come from Loving Africans, a type which must be developed by Africans themselves. If you are an African without an Organization, or if you are an African Blood Siblings Member, your task hereafter is the Development ofContinue reading “African Empowerment Program: Weekly Discussion Groups”

Poem: Look for my eggs

Listen Seeker, I come in peace, “The family is like the forest, if you are outside it is dense, if you are inside you see that each tree has its own position.” — African Proverb The Wisdom of Nature is timeless.  This poem illustrates the point.  A bird doesn’t put itself at the feet ofContinue reading “Poem: Look for my eggs”

Of Understanding and Benefiting From African Nationalism

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach.” — African Proverb African Nationalism (AKA Black Nationalism) must precede Pan-Africanism and it remains the only means to African Power (AKA Black Power.) HoweverContinue reading “Of Understanding and Benefiting From African Nationalism”

Of Analyzing Christopher Jordan Dorner’s Manifesto

Listen Siblings, I come in peace, “You sternly told me that no matter what I accomplish I will always be a ni#%er in many individuals eyes. At the time, I did not comprehend your words. I do now.” — Christopher Jordan Dorner, referencing a greatest friend Luis Sanchez In “Native Son,” Bigger Thomas kills aContinue reading “Of Analyzing Christopher Jordan Dorner’s Manifesto”