5 thoughts on “Onitaset Kumat debates Hakeem Muhammad, “Is Islam good for Black people?”

  1. Good video! I’ve been on a vacation for a few months. I’ve kind of went underground. I have personal things to work out. But I’m glad to see you’re still doing your thing. The media has everyone scared to death. This virus nonsense has people losing their minds. But real warriors don’t live in fear. Now with the riots going on and Trump bringing in the military things have gone to another level. I do think our people need to prepare though. Start stocking up on canned goods and other non perishable items. I hear there may be a food shortage coming. Also start buying guns,tents,backpacks,transistor radios,ammunition,knives and emergency kits. I think will get worse in the coming months. But I believe the righteous will prevail in the end. I hope you and your family are doing well. And God watches over you. Stay strong warrior,KP.

    1. Asante sana your highness; I should pull through whatever comes this way. I hope you will as well.

      This year is pretty crazy but who can tell the future. Just good to hear from you. Keep ready. Respect,

      1. Glad you’re doing well. This year had been wild. Just get your family prepared for anything that might happen. I know you’re a warrior so they’re good hands. In the end the righteous will prevail! Our people will survive whatever they throw at us. Stay strong brother. I’ll be around ✊🏾

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