The Pro-Black Perspective (Ep. 14): 99% percent of you are failing Black people–yes YOU too. (Transcript Included)

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Today’s episode is how 99% percent of you are failing our people and you’re doing so out of ignorance.


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Peace Seeker,

Before we start, understand that you can read this speech on View the link in the description.

Today we will discuss how you are failing Black people and what you need to do to change that. And when I say you–I mean you. Yes you–with the earbuds in–you. And not just you, your mother, your father, you sister, your brother, you cousin with the broken leg and your cousin with the nice job–99% percent of you are failing our people and you’re doing so out of ignorance.

Listen to me. I’m going to ask you a question then I want you to pause and write down your answer: What’s the first image that comes to mind when I say successful Black man? Pause and write.

You have your answer? Now successful Black woman? Pause and write.

Do you know why you wrote down a rapper and a retired talk show host? Yeah I read it. It’s because you were programmed. You did not deprogram yet. And your programming has you working against your people.

Black people are programmed to focus on one thing: Indices of Success. And then your programming goes further. Your biggest motivator is your potential for success; contrapositively, your biggest demotivator is your potential for failure.

Listen to me! The Black Panther Movie. What are you talking about? How much money it made. Let’s be honest. The movie was bland and overrated. BUT it made a billion dollars in a month, so you think it deserves an award; another indice of success! Am I right or am I right?

Look at Black Urban Culture. What shoes do you rock in the hood? Jordans. Are they worth the cost? Not even remotely. Are they aesthetically pleasing? Nope; in fact they are ugly shoes. But who was Michael Jordan? And who else is wearing the shoes? Michael Jordan was an incredibly quote-unquote successful Basketball player. Basketball is an incredibly accessible sport to all income levels. Basketball courts litter the hood. Rappers on television rock Jordans. And they are quote-unquote successful with women, money, and property. Are you paying attention? These same quote-unquote successful people get white women. PAY ATTENTION.

Again, in the hood, how does a man attract a woman. Peacocking. Flaunting and flossing. “Look at me. I have good shoes, a good hair cut, and a good reputation.” He communicates success and success with women. That’s all it is. Whether you’re in the hood or in the suburbs or on Mars, if a man wants to be successful with programmed women, he only needs to communicate to her that he is successful with women. Because he’s exploiting her programming. Why, for instance, do Black women like white men? She’s been programmed to see him as successful. And guess what–YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THAT. And why would a Black man want a white woman? He’s been programmed to see her as a trophy for a successful man. And guess what–YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THAT!

Listen to me!

Black people are programmed to WORSHIP SUCCESS and ABHOR FAILURE. LISTEN! And you are not picking up on it! You misunderstand your own programming. I heard a brother say he wanted to release an overpriced shoe because Black folk like overpriced shoes. NO! Black folk don’t care for overpriced shoes–they care about looking successful and imitating or promoting successful people!

You think it’s stupid that Black people are wearing Jordans–but guess what? You’re watching Basketball right beside them. You’re not reading scientific journals by Black people. You’re watching football. You know it. You talk about straightened hair is the worst. But what kind of hair did that woman have when you said “Man she look good?” What was her complexion? What was her parentage? And what did she look like when you said “this here is a successful Black woman?” You don’t like when Black folk do it–but you’re Black folk too and you’re just as guilty. Your people are programmed to Seek Success and every time they go to the self-described ‘conscious’ and/or ‘woke’ you promote the image of success as a person, man or woman, without any damn kinks in their hair–or very short kinks. You even whining about Black folk and the Black Panther Movie, but you dressed up for the damn film too! I saw your pictures! You looked good! You crossed your arms talm’bout “Wakanda Forever” like some damn fool. You ain’t never said “Ashanti Forever.” You ain’t never said “Benin Forever.” You ain’t even say “Maroons Forever” (and those are my ancestors.) No. You said “Wakanda Forever” when there ain’t a damn place in the world named “Wakanda.”

You have to realize that you–and 99% of Black folk–are programmed to promote white people and demote Black people. Focus! Hood culture superficially promotes Black people: rappers, ballers, comedians, katha wa katha–all Black or Black imitating; but they are all entertainers tasked with entertaining white people. PAY ATTENTION. And as entertainers, they are relegated to the inferior position in society. Entertainers are not superior to whom they entertain; they are inferior. If you’re on a date and you’re doing everything you can to entertain the other person, you’re in the inferior position. And that’s obvious.

Listen, this is tweetable:

“Black Success stories being near exclusively in ENTERTAINMENT is the unspoken but subtle propaganda for Black inferiority; as entertainers are an inferior position in a larger social order. This is partly why so-called Black culture is strictly ado about entertainers. @Onitaset

@ me that! Again @ me that!

Pay attention! So-called Black culture subtlely promotes Black inferiority by relegating Black options to inferior positions for Powerlessness. Black folk don’t see scientist as accessible, politician as accessible, director as accessible. Black people see rapper, basketball player, comedian as accessible. And if you want to be a successful rapper, basketball player or comedian, you need to entertain white people–you will be beholden to white people, pay attention!

Do you know why rappers more often say they would kill a Black person than they say they would kill a white person? Because the music is for white people. And again, go back to motivator, they would be more successful promoting Black death than white death! And it’s a rule of this society. You can get away with killing Black people easier than you can with killing white people. You can get away with stealing from Black people easier than you can with stealing from white people! You can get away with exploiting, humiliating, degrading Black people more than you can with white people. That’s a rule in this society! And white people follow it too!

You would need to be deprogrammed and not care about success like Sister Souljah to release a track about killing white folk. She changed the game with “The Hate that Hate Produced.” But you won’t. You promote the Black death music. You sing along “nigga this, nigga that;” not “cracker this, cracker that.” You think it’s nothing; but it’s everything. And you’re doing it wrong. But fortunately, you can deprogram with “The Pro-Black Compendium” and “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa.”

Think about that. I gotta go buy some books; and you do too.

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Now here is just one way you mess up. There’s a thing called Social Capital, which in a nutshell is how much societal influence or Power a person or institution commands. Classic example is if I say buy a book and Beyonce says buy a book, right now, unfortunately, her words would sell more books because she has more social capital. In Black programming, she is more successful than me and because she’s more successful you want to make her more successful. And that’s why you’re a problem.

You are making the worst Black people more attractive to more Black people. You’re doing the opposite of what you should be doing. And because you are doing it, you’re putting our people backward!

white people unwittingly made it easy to deprogram Black people. But you make it harder. Black people are programmed to think in a success/failure binary. For instance, the other day, I heard there was a young author who got a $1 million book/movie deal for a “Black lives matter” inspired Fantasy Novel. Stupid stuff but you celebrated her! Black Panther–spoiler alert–a film about Black people fighting Black people–made $1 billion for a white studio. You celebrated it! You hyped it up! You even renamed yourself after a character. Beyonce went on a tour with Jay-Z, you chatted about it. You reblogged and retweeted her announcements. Jamilah, a self-hating hateful horrible woman has 170k followers on Twitter–you’re one of them! Tariq Nasheed a pimp and a con has 212k followers–you’re one of them! Farrakhan, the human garbage that denounces Black physical features and celebrated the death of an honest though naive man, Malcolm X, has 476k followers–you’re one of them! Every time a Black first comes up–you’re promoting him or her. “This is the first Black person to–” Shut up! You celebrate the Integrationists! The indices of success are there. The following, the money, the conversation–all that–you are contributing too! You’re the problem with the Black mentality. You even post up images of better looking people notwithstanding their ideologies or products that would in turn be promoted. You’re not thinking deep enough and you’re pushing forward integration, white economics, and all sorts of mentalities that push us back all because you don’t have the sense to be selective with your propaganda! You’re part of the problem! You are an unconscious eurasian nationalist when you need to be a conscious African Nationalist–better a Pan-African Nationalist!

You even hype up your enemies and your enemies’ propaganda. Fox News is a hosehold name for you. It has 17M followers. MSNBC has only 2.4M–but you’re one of those followers. The white folk perpetrating anti-Black racism, you follow them, you name them, you patronize, you are their fans–you even post them dancing–actually dancing! And do you know how many followers independent Black media has? No! You don’t! You are hyping your enemies and your people are going for the SUCCESS STORIES which YOU helped maintain. And sure a lot of followers are bought. So then why don’t you help in buying followers for people who you’d prefer were popular? It’s not complicated. Or make the bots that everyone else is making? You know actual work.

But you get worse! In fact, you call your enemies SUPREME. Who does that? YOU DO. You call your enemies SUPREME. You call them SUPREMACIST. Despite a Success/Failure paradigm, you don’t call your enemies FAILURES. You call them absolute SUCCESSES. You raise your enemy up to the level of invincible. Any other people would call whitey a paper tiger. Not you. He’s a dragon to you. He’s the final boss to you. You sometimes even refer to him as a ‘god.’ LITERALLY. You literally call your enemy a god. LITERALLY. And notice, Garvey and Cooks, real African Nationalists didn’t do this. Notice that. Garvey and Cooks vaunted African Successes and like our ancient Ancestors referred to eurasians as FAILURES. NOT YOU! You call them SUPREME. Here’s a quote from our ancestors as collected in “The Pro-Black Compendium”: ” When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach.” That’s your ancestors saying eurasians are at the lowest stage of society. You say they are the highest.

I’m telling you again to buy Carlos Cooks’ book because you’ll see where he promotes our aristocracy and demotes eurasians. Listen to last week’s podcast. In fact he also refers to Black traitors as castes, wrongos, “disgraces to the skin they are in,” in essence FAILURES. But YOU don’t. You didn’t even buy his book! It’s worth over $800 and you didn’t even offer a penny for it! You have at your fingertips the SUCCESS stories of your race but you prefer whitey.

And guess what whitey says of these successes? Nothing about Carlos Cooks and check your history books, at most two paragraphs on our great leader Marcus Garvey.

In fact, I’ll pull out two history books from my childhood. LISTEN.

This is from “Exploring American History” by the Globe Book Company, copyright 1994:

“Thousands of African Americans of the 1920s were attracted to a movement started by Marcus Garvey. Garvey’s ideas offered hope for a brighter future. Garvey, a Jamaican by birth, urged African Americans to rely on themselves rather on [sic] whites to improve their lives. A magnetic speaker, he told African Americans to be proud of their race and themsevles as human beings. Because African Americans could not expect their lives to improve in the United States, he advised them to go “back to Africa.” Garvey’s movement fell apart when it was discovered that he had used his organization’s money dishonestly. However, the sense of pride he brought to African Americans has survived to this day.”

WHAT? That’s the ONLY paragraph on Garvey in a 600-page textbook.

Now this is from “The American Nation” by Prentice Hall, copyright 1995.

“Marcus Garvey. [sic] Shocked by the racism of white northeners, African Americans looked for new ways to cope. Marcus Garvey, a very popular black leader, organized the Universal Negro Improvement Association. He hoped to promote unity and pride among African Americans. “I am the equal of any white man,” Garvey said.

Garvey urged African Americans to seek their roots in Africa. Although few black Americans actually went to Africa, Garvey’s “Back to Africa” movement built racial pride.”

Two paragraphs and that’s in a 900-page textbook. Now if you don’t know by now, Marcus Garvey was, likely, the most successful organizer in modern america’s history. He organized millions of Africans worldwide–not just thousands like the first paragraph suggested. But from those three paragraphs, what is your impression? whites did not herald him like they do Gandhi or King, whites tell your children (because those are children textbooks) that Garvey was a failure. That Garvey was a Jamaican (unlike the child reading the book) who was dishonest with money–which isn’t even true! Or all Garvey said was “Go to Africa” and few listened! They don’t delve into the Pan-European resistance and impeding of Marcus Garvey, the efficacy of community activism or the nuances of African Nationalism–and they shouldn’t but you should and you don’t! You–get this–make excuses for why the public fool system is the best option for Black people. YOU DO! YOU DO! Stop looking around. Stop smirking. I’m talking to you. This is the textbook that I read as a child. THIS. I didn’t even know Garvey was in it. The teachers might not have even assigned the pages. Few kids even paid attention to the book. BUT there it is. If a child caught on to Marcus Mosiah Garvey’s name, they would think he were a crook. They would not know they were AFRICANS and that Marcus Garvey had the lofty aim of Pan-African Nationalism! NO! That is the poison YOU excuse. YOU. They call your ancestors failures. You call their ancestors successes! You do! And you continue!

I can’t tell you how many times I see you discussing the white conversation of the day; leaving the Black conversation for another. You think it’s so revolutionary to follow behind the white boy on his every word. When whitey wants to talk about OJ Simpson, you’re there. When whitey wants to talk about his new television show, you’re there. When whitey wants to talk about the latest Black person he’s promoting, you’re there. When whitey wants to talk about his school violence or his sexual predators, you’re there! But when Black Nationalists act to enact Black Solutions, you’re still discussing what whitey wants you to. You’re a problem. I am selling Carlos Cooks’ Book but you’re not buying it. You’re a problem.

On top of all of this, you promote the worst of yours. The most confused of yours. You promote the self-hating fool Tommy Sotomayor. You call the mulatto colorist traitor W.E.B. Du Bois brilliant! You give credence and homage to the socialists anti-colonials. And you fall into the trap of putting us backwards! This marxist told me Africa’s decolonization was a result of Marxist thinking, because you and he promote Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Toure, Thomas Sankara and so on. He’s saying this white ideologue who ain’t think of Africans is someone to consider because SUCCESSFUL decolonizers considered him. YOU UNDERSTAND THE PROGRAMMING? You understand why you need to shut up about the fools you read and be careful about the fools who promote them? whites want this confusion. whites want you to think James Baldwin’s dissexuality had a positive impact on his struggle so that your programming will motivate you to consider dissexuality as “a Jordan shoe” or “a hair weave” or “a symbol of success” for lack of a better term. Then you got your Tyler Perry’s. STOP DISCUSSING THE CONFUSED IN PUBLIC SPACES WHERE YOUR PEOPLE ARE MOSTLY CONFUSED. And don’t call me a hypocrite. This is the first time you’ve ever heard or read me discuss Tyler Perry or James Baldwin. And I don’t promote Sekou Toure or Thomas Sankara in a socialist lens or as socialists. I tell you straight up that, that was their failure. Just like I tell you Malcolm X’s failure was his Islam. Don’t pull punches. Call a failure a failure. Say Malcolm was great but he had a fool’s religion and it got him killed. LET PEOPLE KNOW. THAT SMART PEOPLE SOMETIMES DO STUPID THINGS.

You think about that. And listen to this offer for the Carlos A Cooks’ book which you should be hitting me up for! I’m waiting. Get a book!


You need to learn how to exploit the weakness of these indicators being so easily manipulable. How many times do I have to tell you, for instance, that you should have reviewed, promoted and quoted my books? How many times do I need to tell you this? When Black people look up my book, their programming tells them to look away. They say, 2 reviews? This can’t be a good book. If it were a good book, it would have 200 reviews like Tariq Nasheed’s 1804 does. Zaza Ali, not even a Black woman, has 24 reviews for her book. And you would think it’s a good book just like you thought Black Panther was a good movie. The reviews are excellent and encouraging. Black people want to buy a highly reviewed book with excellent and encouraging reviews because that book looks SUCCESSFUL. Black people count on you to let them know what is a SUCCESSFUL book and you are letting them down. You need to deprogram and you need to help in deprogramming your people. Because trust me, you are listening to this podcast and thinking why would I get Oni’s book–he only has 2 reviews–his book is a Failure. I’ve never heard anyone mention it. None of my friends are reading it. No other podcast referred to it. One time, my uncle and I once shared a car ride together. The radio was playing and the host was ‘conscious for radio’: that is saying nothing and doing less. But while saying nothing she recommended Carter G. Woodson’s “The Mis-Education of the Negro.” She sang it’s praise and my uncle turned to me and said he would get that book. She sang the praises so much (talm’bout she reads it every year and it changed her life) he told me I needed to get the book I already read. The book–which has 1000 reviews–is a success in my uncle’s eyes all because some do nothing radio host said it was. That’s all it took. And she gave the great Woodson another sale to add to his estate. But Oni’s book, with only 2 reviews, no mention from anyone but Oni, why Oni’s book is a failure to you. That’s what you are thinking. You were programmed. And sure you might say, “Hey Oni, why not just buy reviews and mentions like everyone else?” But that’s your programming showing. You need to participate in your liberation–not keep wating on others to liberate you. Particularly others who you don’t give a damn about helping.

I actually read someone opine that we’d be better off if Malcolm and Khalid Muhammad had a chance to work together. That’s how dumb we think. Two ancestors who passed. You want to reminisce. That’s all you want to do. You will spend years going over Malcolm’s work. You will brag to no end about Gaddafi (who isn’t even Black). You will celebrate every birthday of Khalid Muhammad. BUT YOU WON’T DO ANY DAMN WORK. You are waiting for King and Malcolm. BUT THEY PASSED. It’s your time! And they weren’t even Pan-African Nationalist–the ideology that can actually LIBERATE you. Honor your ancestors WITH WORK. And exploit the programming that whites put on your people!

Because understand this–Pan-African Nationalism can easily, overnight be the trending topic. But YOU need to take a more active role in making it trend. First off, you’re not a part of a Pan-African Nationalist media group. You’re not working with other people to research who are the people we need to put on the forefront. No. You’re not cooperating with your brothers and sisters on launching media campaigns on behalf of empowering Black Ankobia. You haven’t contacted me about using my podcast in one your events. You’re not doing media campaigns AGAINST your enemies. NO! You’re actually empowering your enemies by FOLLOWING and PROMOTING them. “Ah man, Beyonce represents the culture of systemic . . . ” SHUT UP! Talk about the African Blood Siblings. Talk about the latest shows on Talk about the latest songs from Pro-Black musicians. Talk about what the UNIA did recently. Talk about Malema in Azania and getting people registered for the EFF! Shut up about pro-white entertainers. Shut up about Kanye West. Shut up about Dave Chapelle. Shut up about Monique. Shut up!

Tell Black people that their alleged ‘success stories’ are failures. And show why. That’s it. Then show them SUCCESS. And make sure that success is Pan-African Nationalist. STOP PROMOTING white NATIONALIST BLACKS. Black lives matter novelist? Forget it! Black Panther film? Not your story! It’s not! The first PhD in such and such University. Is she Black Nationalist? No? THEN SHUT UP ABOUT HER. All those beautiful models and selfies–what’s their ideologies? Who they with? What are their values? Are they wearing Black-owned? If it’s not for Pan-African Nationalism then find another beautiful person. When you promote a Black Integrationist you are making the case that SUCCESS is at the end of Black Integration. YOU ARE EFFECTIVELY BEING A BLACK INTEGRATIONIST! You might say you’re not, but what in the world do you think promoting a Black Integrationist really means? SERIOUSLY? You’re the problem!

Listen to this. This programming is part of a bigger issue. The success/failure paradigm is a battle paradigm. It’s short term and ultimately inconsequential. It’s “I got me a nice job” or “I’ll ball for 3 years.” This is a deeper matter. LISTEN! white people train Black people for battles; white people train white people for wars. I’ll repeat: white people train Black people for battles; white people train white people for wars. Repeat it with me: white people train Black people for battles; white people train white people for wars. You can de-program by making the de-programmers, like myself, SUCCESSFUL. Imagine if you read “Onitaset Kumat donated $5m to the EFF;” doesn’t that sound like “That brother is doing something right?” Now what do you think it sounds like when you’re boasting about a mulatto entertainer’s charity? Who you think your younger generation wants to be? The unknown revolutionary or the well-to-do mulatto entertainer? Come on! PROMOTE THE DEPROGRAMMERS. Look at my literature. That is de-programming at its finest. Buy it and write a 5-star, indepth review; and twist someone’s arm to write another. Stop playing with our future. If you don’t have time, turn my podcast off. There’s your time.

A long time ago, a few continental Africans in Azania wrote me as an organizer of the African Blood Siblings and asked me to write their constitution for their organization. Their group is fire. But they didn’t have my organization’s name–they had their own. Respectable. But think about it–what if you heard the African Blood Siblings has chapters in South Africa, in New York City, and North Carolina or wherever. Doesn’t that sound better than “It’s an Organization in Brooklyn, NY?” That’s why YOU need to get active in promoting the deprogammers. The programming is clear. What’s cool about Black Lives Matter? They had chapters all over america, they’re all over the news and they are all over social media. Why do you listen to Al Sharpton? He’s delivering every eulogy. Why is Farrakhan still relevant? The NOI has its own newspaper, produces different products and has a large membership. And what about Oni? Well, yeah individuals privately ask him all sorts of stuff–but honestly he doesn’t seem like a success! He’s not worth quoting. He’s not larger than life like Farrakhan is. You’d quote Farrakhan before you’d quote me. You understand. That’s why you’re a problem. Because our people depend on you to practice some damn discernment but you don’t do any better than our people. You see depth in me–sure–and you privately write me–‘keep it up bruh’–but then you say “killmonger was right.” What utter stupidity is that? He’s not a real person. He’s not even the protagonist! All that you’re saying is “Watch a comic book movie again.” That’s all that means. That doesn’t mean pick up “Race First” by Tony Martin. That doesn’t mean delve into “Yurugu” by Marimba Ani. That doesn’t mean cop you a copy of “The Pro-Black Compendium.” It means re-watch a stupid film that really has no place in your vocabulary. Oh yeah you say nonsense all the time. You talk about cartoons and comic books all the time. Then you quote your living and deceased traitors. But you privately give the living warriors props. I see you. It’s stupid. Our people need to learn Pan-African Nationalism. The best people for you to promote are the living Pan-African Nationalist–then the deceased. Because if you need to learn Calculus, you can learn it in cooking class but it’s best to learn it in Calculus Class. STOP promoting Farrakhan and them if they don’t suit the Ideology of your Liberation. Don’t matter if they are so-called right sometimes–you’re sending your people on a fools errand of imbibing confusion. Talm’bout ‘killmonger was right.’ He’s not even real. Like me saying “Blake was right” instead of Delany or “Zuberi was right” instead of Onitaset. It’s stupid. But at least Blake and Zuberi were protagonists and had more than a few lines. You communicate your values. Cons, cartoons, comic books shouldn’t be your values!

Now you understand the programming now it’s time to deprogram our people. Get the “Pro-Black Compendium,” get “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa.” And be generous in getting “The Carlos A Cooks Reader.” You can give any amount so be generous. I’m looking to translate my literature to Pan-African Nationalist languages. When Black folk see that they will say success. But you need to get serious and stop waiting for whitey to give you an African Nationalist to herald. I don’t need to be the only success story but honestly we need to look at Pan-African Nationalism as a SUCCESSFUL enterprise. Because that’s the only thing white people don’t want. And you don’t either because–as said in the Pro-Black Compendium–‘qualities of a moral order are measured by deeds!’

I attended many lectures by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. the Attorney at War. He’s always in a suit. He said he wears it so crackers can never tell you he failed. More importantly Black people can’t. He says he dots his I’s and crosses his T’s and always produces quality work for Black people notwithstanding how much they paid. I agree with this second principle and practice it. My books are quality beyond quality. You would know this if you had the sense to read it. Marcus Garvey wrote:

“People only respect leaders and follow them, when there is something superior in them.

A leader must have personality; he must be clean cut in his appearance so as not to be criticized. An untidy leader is always a failure. He must be neatly dressed and his general appearance must be clean and presentable because people are supposed to follow him in his manner, behavior and his general conduct. A leader’s hair should
always be well kept; his teeth must also be in perfect order for people will criticize him for his unkempt hair, and his bad teeth.

Your shoes and other garments must also be clean. If you look ragged, people will not trust you. They will crit­ically say, he has no clothing, his shoes are very poor, and it is logical that whatever money he gets hold of he will use it on himself rather than for the purpose for which he makes his appeal.

Never show your personal poverty to those you lead. They will never trust you. This does not mean that you should not reveal the poverty of the cause you represent, because that cause is your cause and the people’s cause; in which both of you are interested.”

You understand? Garvey is saying LOOK SUCCESSFUL! Now those who know me in person may say “But wait a moment Oni, you don’t follow that.” Or separately, there may be those of you who say “Oni, isn’t creating a podcast saying you aren’t a success contradictory to what Garvey outlined?” Now first, I didn’t say I wasn’t a success. I have the right ideology, imcomparable writing skills, a wonderful intelligence, two of the best books in english and a beautiful young son. I love this life. What I said was that YOU need to stop gviing me poor competition and start pulling your weight in this War we are in. We need our people deprogrammed and I’m one of a few to do it. And it looks like I need to start with you–because you are a problem. Listen to me. YOU should be a leader. We need international leaders. Not one. We need you to understand the Knowledge and Wisdom, not just me. YOU need to read “The Pro-Black Compendium.” I don’t–I wrote it. You need to worry about what YOU are doing. Stop sitting back and being critical. Get Up. And get Active! Use the knowledge here to stop the nonsense you do. Stop promoting whites. Call failures, failures. And make Pan-African Nationalists successful. Your start is my literature. Get it now and review it well. And do not forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! AND IF YOU CONNECT THROUGH THE PODCAST TELL EVERYONE I AM FOLLOWING ONI BECAUSE HIS PODCAST IS AMAZING. And do that for every Pan-African Nationalist you know! But I asked first.

African Love!

I go in peace!

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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