The Pro-Black Perspective (Ep. 5): Should Africa’s Activists Promote Democracy?

Peace Seeker, today’s talk is on “Should Africa’s Activists Promote Democracy?” Listen. I announce the monthly debate series here. Also, here’s a rough transcript of the discussion:

Leader: The person a group follows and rewards or punishes according to the outcome of that person’s decisions. [304]

Democracy from Ancient Athens . . . not Ancient Africa . . . it lasted only 186 years from 508 BCE to 322 BCE. It is venerated because Athens was the birthplace of notables like Solon, Socrates and Plato; not without irony, these three “outstanding” whites should inform you against Democracy.

Athens may have been their birthplace but their education was in Africa.

Socrates participated in one of the athenian quorums and found the system lacking–as the quorum had men voting for the death of other men–this is Democracy. Seven years later Socrates fell victim to this same system. He walked around Athens promoting ancient African virtues and spirituality, and the Democratic state of Athens voted for his death. Their words, he was put on trial and executed for ‘corrupting the young and believing in strange gods.’

His disciple Plato, another student of Africa’s, spent his life blaming Democracy and advocating for his republic, a system of government more inspired by your ancestors than his. This so-called great mind of europe, the father, if you will, of european philosophy, himself railed against the system he was born under.

Solon is another relevant notable. He was considered one of the seven sages of Ancient greece. Solon was foundational in the creation of Democracy in Athens. He was not a creation of Democracy but a creator. Yet, Solon has an interesting relationship with Africa too. When he went to your ancestors, they told him “Solon, Solon, you greeks are perennial infants, not a single greek is an elder!” “YOU WHITES WILL FOREVER BE CHILDREN NOT A SINGLE WHITE WILL EVER BE WISE.”

At that point they had said their government and records go back at least 8,000 years! But you Black man, Black woman, Black child, wish to bring about this system that whose creator your ancestors have called a FOOL.

Democratic Athens had the highest population of enslaved people in all of Ancient Greece! Likely because the spare time wasn’t there for full participation otherwise!

Democracy has brought about the likes of trump; the likes of hitler; the likes of hiroshima; the likes of the Maafa; your enslavement and your colonization; and the likes of white sovereignty at the expense of Black sovereignty; yet you think this system will bring you into a system unlike the circumstances of your ancestors. You will have to be mad!

The white man will tell you the choice is between dictatorship and democracy; but how do you know when a white man is lying but when his mouth is moving? The choice you have Black man, Black woman, Black child, is between 90,000 years of Black culture and 3,000 years of white depravity.

If your ancestors told you the wisest men of europe were fools and all of their children would be fools, then what kind of a fool are you to emulate and imitate them?

Open The Pro Black Compendium to page 28 :

Copy your forefathers, for [work] is carried out through knowledge” — Khety VII [28]

You must look at your own systems. You can look at the high culture of the Nile. The high culture of the Niger! The high culture of the Zambezi! And the high culture of the Kongo! But leave the low culture of the eurasian alone!

Democracy can not make sense when the esteemed Elder of great vision and understanding, has the same weight as the village fool!

Open The Pro Black Compendium to page 63 and look at what your Kongolese ancestors have said:

Dièla dia kânda m’bikudi.
The wisdom of the community prophesizes. The community sees farther than an individual can. Anyone who learns to see through the community’s eyes (wisdom) is a very bright person.

Look also on page 63:

Kala n’lôngi a kânda mbo’ wazâya mayenda mu kânda.
Be a community teacher / leader in order to know what
goes on within the community. The real wisdom of a soci-
ety and its very basic needs are only known by those who
mingle with the reality of people’s daily lives in that soci-

Your leaders should be bright and they should be minglers of the masses; but the masses will not all be bright and can not all be minglers of the masses.

Look at page 33:
”If the Master teaches what is error, the disciple’s submis-
sion is slavery; if the Master teaches truth, this submission
is ennoblement.” – African Proverb [33]

Reconcile with: page 12

Look at page 12:

”The fact is that WE, all of us here, AFRICANS ALL, have
been forced to live and perform at the bottom of the socio-
political stratum of european, british, european american
and asian societies for the last ONE THOUSAND THREE
HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX [1,346] YEARS.” – Yosef Ben-
Jochannan [12]

”If you want to know the end, look at the beginning.” –
African Proverb [35]

”African people need to stop shouting ’nationtime’ until
they are clear about the responsibilities of running a na-
tion.” – John Henrik Clarke [40]

It’s not a matter of choosing your government as much as it is a matter of good government:

”Defend Maat, Defeat Esfet.” – African Proverb [47]

Great is Maat (truth, justice, and righteous-
ness). It is everlasting. Maat has been
unchanged since the time of Asar. [Moral-
ity is timeless.] [155]

”It should not to be taken for granted that people auto-
matically grow and develop into responsible, community-
oriented adults.” – Manu Ampim [45]

Your government needs to be ambitious.

Envious greed must govern to possess and ambition must
possess to govern. [51]

Page 189 of the Pro-Black Compendium:

7 major areas of study for African Nation Building

Methods of Governance and Jurisprudence . . .[189]

Unlike Methods of Food Production, or Methods of Curing Diseases . .

The Pro-Black Compendium contains much more wisdom on nationbuilding.

5 thoughts on “The Pro-Black Perspective (Ep. 5): Should Africa’s Activists Promote Democracy?

  1. Important and timely/timeless considerations… Though I don’t have access to the compendium, I always appreciate the applicability of Africa’s traditional wisdom. Many perish for lack of the vision and humanity contained in/advocated by many of these proverbs, etc.

  2. Thank u for this info On Jan 13, 2018 9:05 AM, “African Blood Siblings” wrote:

    > Onitaset posted: “ Peace Seeker, today’s talk > is on “Should Africa’s Activists Promote Democracy?” Listen. I announce the > monthly debate series here. Also, here’s a rough transcript of the > discussion: Leader: The person a group follows ” >

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